These Shoes Are Made For Walking

When I bought my FitBit Ultra in early February I had no idea what kinds of chaos it would introduce into my life. I had naïvely assumed it would be a simple pedometer that would help me track how active or more to the point how inactive I actually was during my day. My goal was to use this information to help motivate me to exercise a little more.

I was not foolish enough to believe that a light would suddenly come on and I would find myself becoming some kind of gym rat that would spend every waking hour working out. If the FitBit would just remind me to not sit in front of the computer for countless hours it would be doing its job.

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Blowing the Exercise – Diet Day 46

One of my favorite programs growing up was the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. There was just something magical about a child’s toys coming to life and having their own fun and adventure. I especially liked Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.

Pooh and his friends find themselves in a bit of a wind story in the 100-Acre Woods. Pooh the eternal optimist goes around wishing everyone a happy Winds-day. During a visit with Owl, they learn that the winds are a result of “a mild spring zephyr”. The storm becomes anything but mild crashing Owl’s tree to the ground leaving him homeless.

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Being Too Hard on Yourself – Diet Day 44

It’s funny, this week’s weigh-in was a lot more traumatic than any of the other weeks. I think I was lulled into believing that weight loss would come about no matter what and that additional hard work would result in additional pounds being shed. My mood went from my normal happy and relaxed state to one much more sullen and introspective.

I found myself questioning whether or not this was even worth it. What was the point of continuing to work hard if the results continued to fall short of the goal? For the first time since I started this diet I began to question my sanity for even trying.

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Exercise as Entertainment – Diet Day 42

Normally Trina and I go walking every night but after the last Death March Trina has been less than enthusiastic about going on our little strolls. So with my FitBit securely attached to my pocket I set out alone to face the elements and the frigid Arizona weather.

It was a cool and crisp 68 degrees when I set out tonight. The walk was much later than I normally do; a result of way too many episodes of Gold Rush that I recorded on the Discovery Channel. As a side note, there is nothing that makes you feel smarter and more superior than watching a couple of episodes about a clueless cast of characters who leave their families to go to Alaska to search for gold without having a clue about being miners.

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The Death March – Diet Day 39

Anyone who knows me knows that just about everything I do somehow ends up going over the top. It would appear that I am incapable of doing anything small and it doesn’t seem to matter what aspect of my life that pertains to. It’s not like I start out by planning things to be huge and out of control, they just seem to end up that way.

Let me give you a historical example. A few years back I was involved in an online community of Disney pin traders. It was a close-knit group of people who loved Disney magic and happened to collect pins. Walt Disney World scheduled a pin trading convention at Epcot and several of the people from the online community decided to attend.

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Omron HJ-720IT Pedometer

I’ll admit it, I am a complete geek when it comes to gadgets. I am constantly looking for new devices to automate every aspect of my life. I have no idea why I find this so fascinating but I do. So when my wife suggested that perhaps we should start walking to get a little exercise; the first thing I did was to begin looking at pedometers.

In its simplest form a pedometer is attached to your waistband and will measure the number of steps that you take in the course of a day. Obviously though I was not interested in the simplest form of a device. No, I had to find the most tricked out pedometer on the planet.

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