Power Support Air Jacket

In my never ending quest for the perfect iPod Touch case I have taken another step. Before I begin it might be prudent for me to recount what brought us to this point in time.

I bought an iPod Touch as soon as they were released. I loved the capabilities of the device and was especially impressed with the battery life especially when watching movies or listening to music.

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iSkin Solo FX

The search for the perfect iPhone cover can best be compared to the quest to find the Holy Grail. The iPhone with it’s distinctive shape and capabilities cannot possibly been contained in just any case. It deserves to have an equally cool container to protect it from the elements and the occasional drop from a pocket or desk.

Since purchasing the iPhone 3G when it was first released in 2008, I have gone through no fewer than eight cases. Each time I buy one I think this will be the one that will finally meet all of my criteria while still being stylish enough to carry.

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What Was I Thinking?

The aroma of roast turkey still lingered in the air and the dessert plates had just barely been cleared from the table. The tranquility of Thanksgiving suddenly disappeared with a loud thud.

The Thanksgiving newspaper was plopped onto the table; it’s contents spilling in every direction. Trina brought out “the notebook” and put on her game face. The newspaper was divided and it’s contents were examined at every inch.

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Turkey Bowling and Other Memories

Thanksgiving is always a time that brings back a lot of memories. Growing up in rural Idaho we would go to my grandparents house every year. All of my aunts and uncles who lived in the area would be there.

We would all gather around the table for dinner awaiting the arrival of the turkey. It would be brought in and presented amid gasps and excitement. My grandfather would then take the knife and carve up the bird taking a nibble or two along the way.

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Amazon, It’s Not Just the Rainforest That’s Shrinking

It’s funny how we seem to take things for granted that just work. You never think about it, you just kind of expect that stuff works the way it is supposed to. Take for example the light switch. If you walk into a dark room you reach for the light switch. You just assume that when you flip it then the lights will go on. If for some inexplicable reason the lights don’t come on you immediately think it is a personal problem. You check to make sure you flipped the right switch or that you flipped it in the right direction. If the light continues to be difficult and not work you then begin looking for a replacement light bulb since that has to be the problem. It is only after exhausting these efforts that you finally conclude that perhaps there is a malfunction with the electrical infrastructure. Why is that? I think it is because we have become so accustomed to the fact that we have energy on demand that we are shocked when we find that is not the case. I remember as a kid growing up in Idaho, it seemed like the power went out every week. It probably wasn’t that often but it sure seemed like it. In that environment you never took electricity for granted. You were just grateful when you had power. Since that time the electrical grid has become much more stable and my expectations are much greater that the power is always on.

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Christmas Shopping

Every year I vow that I am going to get my Christmas shopping done early and each year I am out with every other carbon-based life form the weekend before Christmas trying to find the perfect gift.  The perfect gift has of course been out of stock since the day before Thanksgiving meaning I am left going through gift permutations trying to piece together something that come Christmas morning looks like I put a lot of thought into it.  Through the years I have learned some valuable lessons.  No matter how good the idea sounded at the time; anything purchased at a truck stop or convenience store will not go over well when unwrapped.  And even though your wife has said for months that the vacuum cleaner is in need of replacing; that is not a hint that she wants to receive one as a gift.  After going to countless stores and finding nothing that I would dare wrap under the tree I did the thing I should have done from the beginning.  I went down to Chase Field to the team shop and bought her a Diamondbacks shirt.  I know I would love to get a shirt from the team shop and everyone always says we are a perfect couple so it goes without reason that she will be thrilled with the gift as well.  Christmas shopping should not be this painful.

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