Yet Another Photo Blog Importer/Exporter

Recently I wrote about the WordPress plug-in Yet Another Photo Blog which I used to create my 1Photo2Share photo blog. This plug-in is amazing and provides all the functionality to create a very professional photo blog.

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My Social Media Hub

Social media has become the buzzword of the new millennium. As more and more people begin to cocoon within their own little environment social interaction within the real world begins to deteriorate.

As a child I remember the neighborhood was a community. Your family interacted with other families living around them. Yards rarely had fences and everyone congregated in front of their houses. When they saw neighbors out they went out of their way to greet them and engage in conversation.

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WordPress Plug-ins – Yet Another PhotoBlog

I seem to have a plethora of blogs now running. There is my personal blog which you are reading. I also have a baseball blog – Diary of a Diehard and a photo blog – 1 Photo 2 Share where I post a single picture per day. Until recently I was running all of these through Movable Type but as I’ve documented previously I’m moving all the blogs to WordPress.

The text-based blogs were relatively simple to move. There are migration scripts to manage the entries allowing you to export the data from the Movable Type databases and import the data into WordPress database formats. When it came time to migrate the photo blog, it was anything but trivial.

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AutoTweet Joomla Plug-In

As I have mentioned previously on this blog, I am a big fan of the Joomla content management system. I love it’s open source coding and the active community that is developing for this system. It provides a powerful framework for creating a web presence.

I have also become a big fan of Twitter as a communication tool. Within its 140-character limit you are able to share all kinds of information and reach people you may not otherwise be in contact with.

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WordPress Plugins – WP to Twitter

I seem to be spending more and more time on Twitter. I initially began using Twitter out of curiosity. I had no idea how I could utilize a service that limited my conversation to 140 characters. I further questioned whether or not the service was even manageable from a personal perspective. Conversation is difficult at best and depending on the number of people in your Twitter feed, it is quite easy for the messages to be overwhelming.

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WordPress Plugins – WP-Plurk

I stumbled across the Plurk social networking site in June 2008. I had been using Twitter for a while but was struggling with how to make use of the tool to establish communication. Twitter was great for broadcasting out a message but the Plurk interface was much better at providing a visual conversation and message flow.

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WordPress Plugins – Wordbook

I began using Facebook as a way to stay connected to my kids. I know that sounds kind of funny but as the older girls graduated from high school and began their college careers, we turned to Facebook to try and stay connected. They could post pictures and update their status to let me know what was going on and I could do the same so that they felt like they were still a part of the family home life. Somehow though Facebook kind of blossomed and became a larger service.

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WordPress Plugins – Social Links

It seems like everywhere we turn these days another social networking site is springing up. From My Space to Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter to Plurk there is always a new service being brought up to help us connect with other computer users with similar interests. The problem with all of these services is that you never know which ones are the ones where your friends are actually hanging out. After all there what good is a social network where you are the only user?

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WordPress Plugins – Shadowbox JS

Sometimes it’s all about style. If you can’t baffle them with content, you can at least dazzle them with look and feel. One of the hot trends on the Internet these days is the use of a shadowbox effect for graphics. This effect basically dims the screen and then displays a larger graphic on the screen as an inline pop-up. I know that sounds like a contradiction but I you know what I mean.

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