Where’s the iPhone OS?

Prior to the iPad announcement I predicted Apple would introduce a new version of the iPhone OS. This prediction was based upon the rumor the iPad would use the iPhone operating system.

Based upon the introduction and subsequent reviews by those who have actually seen an iPad, the device is indeed using the iPhone operating system. This was further validated when Apple introduced a new Software Development Kit (SDK) that included calls for using the iPad’s new features.

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Apple iPad

Like many other technology users, I looked forward to the Apple new product introduction. Usually I don’t get too caught up in all of the hype that accompanies one of these announcements.

I’ve been to enough Apple events to know the company and in particular Steve Jobs has these things down to a science. They maintain secrecy over all details of the event and subtly let out slight details at a rate that ensures the general public is spun up to a frenzy.

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My Wishes For iPhone OS 4.0

Rumors are flying about potential announcements Apple will make during their invitation only event this week. While many of these rumors center on the proposed Apple tablet device, there are other indications that the announcement will also include an update to the Apple iPhone OS that is used on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and if rumors are correct the tablet.

As an owner of an iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS as well as several iPod Touch devices, I am eagerly awaiting the newest version of the iPhone OS. When Apple introduced iPhone OS 3.0 I was ecstatic.

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Upgrading to Windows 7

It has been ten days since Microsoft introduced Windows 7 to the world. Within the first 24 hours I had purchased the Family Pack that allowed me to upgrade three computers to Windows 7 Home Premium. I eagerly waited for delivery of the Family Pack to bring my home computers up to this new operating system.

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Happy Windows 7 Release Day

For whatever reason I always seem intent on being on the bleeding edge of technology. Perhaps it is an inherent desire to be an adventurer, maybe it is curiosity but I always seem to be upgrading or updating to new stuff well before I probably should.

These upgrades never quite work out the way I envisioned them. Oh sure there are some like Windows 3.0 that were so astronomically superior to the previous version that I never looked back but for every one of those experiences I have ten like the day I upgraded to Microsoft Vista on release day.

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Windows 7 Party

I was invited to attend a Microsoft Windows 7 party in Phoenix. The purpose of this all-day meeting was to introduce Information Technology professionals to their newest operating system Windows 7 as well as to introduce us to the latest versions of Exchange Server and their server product.

While I do have a few Windows machines, my preference is clearly to Apple’s OS X operating system. I wanted to go into this meeting with an open mind to give this new operating system an opportunity to show whether it was an appropriate replacement to Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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