Lyrics Madness

When the Apple iPod was first released I was one of the early adopters. I could already see this as a new paradigm for delivering and serving music and I wanted to be a part of the revolution. I have literally thousands of CDs that I have bought over the years. Many of these were repurchased from cassette tapes that I had before that. Even some of those were repurchased from 8-Track tapes before that.

I am not unfamiliar with the migration from one format to another. Each time I bought into the argument that the new format was better than the last and I would finally hear the music the way the artist and producer had expected.

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Album? What’s an Album?

I am beginning to gain a new appreciation for how the dinosaurs felt as they began their decline into extinction. For a period of time dinosaurs ruled the earth and were the dominant creature that dictated how things progressed.

Depending on what theory you adhere too, there were either outside forces at work that destroyed the environment of the dinosaur or the species simply did not react to changes going on around them and over time nature went a different direction leaving the dinosaur to die out.

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Sony MDR-NC20 Headphones

One of the first iterations of noise cancelling headphones created by Sony, the MDR-NC20 were the cutting edge of technology. These over-the-ear headphones used an active noise cancelling system to cut down outside noise up to 70 percent (10 dB).

As soon as these were released I invested in a set for travelling. I used the term invest because these headphones had a suggested retail price of nearly $200. At the time I was a struggling software developer and these were definitely more than I really could afford if I was honest with myself.

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Besides my unstable fears of being attacked by the number nine the date of “09/09/09” was significant for another reason. For the first time ever many of The Beatles albums were being re-released in Stereo format. This date was selected partially as a tribute to “Revolution 9” from The Beatles While Album.

Growing up everyone heard the conspiracy theory that suggested if you played this song in reverse that the lyrics said “Turn me on, dead man” which were supposed to be clues the band was leaving that Paul McCartney had died.

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Migrating an iTunes Library

I was an early adopter of the Apple iPod. I suffered through the growing pains that accompanying a new technology. The struggles though were worth it as each iteration of the iPod built upon the previous successes making it one of my favorite gadgets that I couldn’t imagine living without.

While the iPod itself is an incredible device that has changed the way many of us listen to music, an equally important aspect of the experience is iTunes. For all that it does, iTunes is many times maligned. I am sure that if you ask any iTunes user they could produce a laundry list of features or changes they would make to this application yet very few people actually go as far as replacing iTunes with a different application for managing their music files.

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Music Is Changing

I remember as a kid when my grandparents would come over to our house. I would be playing with some sort of technology gadget. My grandfather would sit down and begin questioning me on what the device was and what its capabilities were. I would explain the details as best as I understood them and we would talk about the various uses would be for the device. This inevitably would lead to my grandfather uttering a sentence that began with, “Back in my day…” followed by a dissertation of what society and more importantly technology was like when he was my age. I remember snickering whenever he started thinking there is absolutely no way I am ever going to do that. First off I never thought nor do I still think that the “good old days” were all that good. I am a technologist and an avid collector of gadgets. I am an early adopter and hence get involved with the technology before it is quite ready for primetime. Sometimes this is good and other times it can be quite expensive.

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