The Death of an iPod

My fifth generation iPod (with Video) died. From the troubleshooting I have done it appears that the 60GB hard drive failed. The device attempts to boot and I can hear the hard drive attempt to spin up then stop. After a quick Google search I found that this kind of failure is relatively common and the solution is to purchase a new 1.8 inch drive and have it installed.

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Power Support Air Jacket

In my never ending quest for the perfect iPod Touch case I have taken another step. Before I begin it might be prudent for me to recount what brought us to this point in time.

I bought an iPod Touch as soon as they were released. I loved the capabilities of the device and was especially impressed with the battery life especially when watching movies or listening to music.

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iSkin Solo FX

The search for the perfect iPhone cover can best be compared to the quest to find the Holy Grail. The iPhone with it’s distinctive shape and capabilities cannot possibly been contained in just any case. It deserves to have an equally cool container to protect it from the elements and the occasional drop from a pocket or desk.

Since purchasing the iPhone 3G when it was first released in 2008, I have gone through no fewer than eight cases. Each time I buy one I think this will be the one that will finally meet all of my criteria while still being stylish enough to carry.

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Top Ten Gadgets of the Decade

It is hard to believe that 2009 is nearly over. As I stopped to ponder how quickly the year has gone I realized it has been ten years since we were preparing to usher in a new decade and a new century.

As 1999 was coming to an end I like most others in the Information Technology industry was preparing for the impending Y2K doom that was being predicted in the media. Of course nothing happened and that was a non-event.

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Lyrics Madness

When the Apple iPod was first released I was one of the early adopters. I could already see this as a new paradigm for delivering and serving music and I wanted to be a part of the revolution. I have literally thousands of CDs that I have bought over the years. Many of these were repurchased from cassette tapes that I had before that. Even some of those were repurchased from 8-Track tapes before that.

I am not unfamiliar with the migration from one format to another. Each time I bought into the argument that the new format was better than the last and I would finally hear the music the way the artist and producer had expected.

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You’ve Been Eaten By a Grue

While I never quite consider myself as being old, I am constantly reminded by my kids exactly how ancient I am. I must be getting older because I find myself using the phrase “Back in my day…” more often. I remind my children about how difficult it was when I was growing up and although I haven’t reached the point where my entire childhood was spent fending off bears in the snow as I trudged to school uphill it is getting close.

Recently for my son’s birthday I bought him an iPod Touch with 16GB of memory and a touch screen and built-in wireless networking. When I gave him the gift it came with yet another story of my childhood. I explained to him that when I was a kid there was no such thing as a personal computer. I may as we have just admitted that I was actually an alien and was transported to this planet in some kind of time vortex.

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Half-Star Song Rating in iTunes

I eagerly followed along yesterday as Steve Jobs made his return from medical absence and introduced the new Apple products at the “Let’s Rock” event. As expected Apple introduced a new generation of iPod Touch although without the rumored camera included. Instead the iPod Nano went through yet another iteration this time adding an FM tuner, a pedometer, a larger screen, and a video camera. The video camera was an unexpected feature and it will be interesting to see how users will utilize this new feature.

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iPod Eve

Tomorrow Apple has scheduled an event titled “Let’s Rock” for the Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts in San Francisco. The timing of the event has everyone assuming the event will be Apple’s introduction of a new set of iPod devices going into the holiday season.

It would seem logical that we should expect a new set of iPods. The “Back to School” event will end today meaning that the stock levels of iPods are probably at one of the lowest levels of the year.

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Migrating an iTunes Library

I was an early adopter of the Apple iPod. I suffered through the growing pains that accompanying a new technology. The struggles though were worth it as each iteration of the iPod built upon the previous successes making it one of my favorite gadgets that I couldn’t imagine living without.

While the iPod itself is an incredible device that has changed the way many of us listen to music, an equally important aspect of the experience is iTunes. For all that it does, iTunes is many times maligned. I am sure that if you ask any iTunes user they could produce a laundry list of features or changes they would make to this application yet very few people actually go as far as replacing iTunes with a different application for managing their music files.

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