iPhone, AT&T, and MMS

Like nearly all of the iPhone community, I too was excited when Apple announced the iPhone would now support Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). When with Verizon, I grew accustomed to sending and receiving pictures to my mobile device. When I moved to AT&T after I bought the iPhone 3G, I was shocked to find out that AT&T did not support MMS on their network.

I was equally shocked when Apple and AT&T announced that MMS would not be immediately available through the AT&T network but that the feature would be delivered “late summer 2009). There have been rumors swirling around the Internet stating the reason for the delay was not a technical issue with the AT&T’s 3G network but rather it was a problem with the AT&T customer database that prevented the iPhone to be properly identified as a potential MMS client.

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Cardo Scala Rider Q2

Now that I have my Shoei X-Eleven helmet and Trina has her Sparx S07 helmet I thought we were all set to start riding.

We took a couple of short rides and while they were a lot of fun, we found it difficult for us to communicate while on the bike. There were times when I wanted to ask Trina whether she wanted to stop at a particular place or continue on the trip. Likewise Trina wanted to let me know when she needed something without having to resort to one handed sign language while clinging to the back of my jacket.

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You’ve Been Eaten By a Grue

While I never quite consider myself as being old, I am constantly reminded by my kids exactly how ancient I am. I must be getting older because I find myself using the phrase “Back in my day…” more often. I remind my children about how difficult it was when I was growing up and although I haven’t reached the point where my entire childhood was spent fending off bears in the snow as I trudged to school uphill it is getting close.

Recently for my son’s birthday I bought him an iPod Touch with 16GB of memory and a touch screen and built-in wireless networking. When I gave him the gift it came with yet another story of my childhood. I explained to him that when I was a kid there was no such thing as a personal computer. I may as we have just admitted that I was actually an alien and was transported to this planet in some kind of time vortex.

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Podium by Pivotal for iPhone

Those of you who have read my blog know what a huge fan I am of my iPhone. It has become one of those devices that I could not live without. It is constantly by my side and I use it for everything.

When I first bought it I thought it would be a cool phone that would allow me to also check my email when I am away from my computer. I had not anticipated that my iPhone would actually change my computer habits.

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A Day Without iPhone Is Like a Day Without…

Today marks another episode in what is quickly becoming the never ending InvisibleSHIELD saga. When we last left our hero he was anxiously awaiting the conclusion of his wife’s InvisibleSHIELD installation training. I was anxiously looking forward to having an iPhone that had been sealed for my protection. And although I had no intention of ever running my keys across the iPhone it would be good to know that I could without having to worry about whether it would be scratched. As Trina finished installing the film she brought the iPhone to me to make sure everything was cool. She was carrying it as if it contained nitro glycerin. I was really hoping that the instructions did not include that I had to carry my phone in that manner. Being a typical guy, I just reached out to grab the device and begin messing with it.

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What Day Is It Again?

Recently I wrote about the InvisibleSHIELD over for the iPhone 3G. I spoke at length about how cool I thought it was and how well it would protect my iPhone. I bought on-line because I could not find one of the covers locally. After reviewing the web site and watching the installation videos I figured that I could handle the installation myself. I’m a college graduate; I mean how hard could it be? I looked at the package and reviewed the graphics and the instructions. By about the second paragraph I figured there was no way I was ever going to be able to do this. Not because it was hard but because I have absolutely no patience for stuff like this. So I did what I always do in times like this, I asked Trina for help. She told me she had time. That was Thursday.

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Invisible Shield

Ever since getting my iPhone I have been completely paranoid about it. The AT&T store where I bought the phone did not have any cases that did not look completely lame. I have therefore been carrying around a naked iPhone for nearly 2 weeks. I am so worried it is going to get scratched that it is driving me crazy. Trina says I carry it around like it is made from high-grade weapons grade plutonium. I am not quite sure I am comfortable with my wife knowing how high-grade weapons-grade plutonium is handled but that is probably another completely unrelated subject that I should leave for another day. So since iPhone 3G day I have been searching for a case that would protect my iPhone without making it look like some sort of plastic encased brick. I really thought I would get something like the Griffin iClear that I use for my iPod Touch. I like the clear plastic cases as it lets the beauty of the device show through but also provides the needed protection from the elements. It is kind of a hassle to dock since it won’t actually fit in the dock but I have gotten used to just using the cable so I can’t complain too much. Now that I have the iPhone I want something that is a little more elegant and useful.

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Happy iPhone Day

Ever since Apple released the iPhone last year I have been attempting to make a case to justify getting one. No matter what the argument was that I would make there was someone who shot it down leaving me to flounder without a smart phone (does not having a smart phone by definition mean you have a dumb phone?). Finally a couple of months ago I stumbled upon the perfect reason for having an iPhone. I tried it out on Trina and sure enough she accepted my justification. I was in! I would soon be an iPhone carrying geek first-class to be worshipped by all the other geeks who had not come up with the perfect justification. Of course with any plan there may be issues and mine was no different. Now that I had the proper approvals I found that there was not an iPhone to be found on the planet. The rumor was that there would be a new iPhone introduced at the World Wide Apple Developer’s Conference. The morning of the keynote address I sat glued to my computer watching along and monitoring every blog and information service I could find. Sure enough the new Apple iPhone 3G was announced. The specifications looked like a dream phone. I could hardly wait to go out at lunch and pick one up. Wait, what was that Steve Jobs just said? I rewound the keynote address and listened again. It won’t be available until July? My heart of course sank at this news. I felt a little like Homer Simpson in the episode where he tried to buy a handgun. He went to the gun store to buy a gun because he was made and wanted to shoot someone. The gun dealer explained that there was a 3-day waiting period before he could get a gun. Homer exclaimed, “But I want to shoot somebody now! I don’t want to wait!” For the next 3 days Homer sat in his front yard muttering to himself as everyone he hated paraded in front of him making him want the gun even more. Yeah that is exactly how I was feeling about the iPhone. It seemed like everywhere I went there was someone with an iPhone just waving it in front of me.

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iPhone Mania

Today marks day one of the Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. It was a year ago at this conference that Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone. Since that time the iPhone has achieved near cult status as *the* smart phone to have. Anyone who fancies themselves as hip had to have an iPhone on their belt or in their purse. It wasn’t just that it was cool to be seen with one, it was that it changed the way people looked at cell phones and how they were used. The interesting part about the iPhone was that it really wasn’t that revolutionary. Most of the features contained within it were already available on other devices. What Apple did was to package these various features together and surround them with an elegant user interface. They then enclosed it in a sexy looking package and the world flocked to their doorstep. In the days leading up to the release of the iPhone there were people camped out at the local AT&T stores waiting for a chance to buy a cell phone. When was the last time people got that enthusiastic about their cell phone? Clearly Apple had hit upon something. Despite all of the hype surrounding the iPhone, the product wasn’t perfect. There were missing features that users clamored for. Now 12 months later the hype around the iPhone has returned. Everyone anticipated that during his keynote address today Steve Jobs would unveil the next generation of iPhone.

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