Oh No Groundhog Day – Diet Day 21

Today marks the end of the third week of being on this diet. I am one week away from my four week mark (see even when I am not playing with a full stomach I am still able to do simple mathematical problems). I’ve now started to get into a routine of eating every 2.5-3 hours. I am getting used to the powdered food that make up the meal replacements for most of the day.

I’ve become accustomed to having a protein and green vegetables for dinner and ending my day with a calorie controlled snack. I’m building a pattern of good choices and have remained committed to this eating plan to remain on track. I’m not officially supposed to weigh-in until tomorrow but I snuck on the scale this morning to see I had dropped another 2.5 pounds bringing me under 195 in a long time.

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There Are Diet Side Effects? – Diet Day 19

Before starting this diet program I was given homework that included reading a chapter, cleaning out the kitchen and pantry, and taking a pre-test to assess how well or how poorly my decisions have been. The test was a disaster where I actually scored negative points.

The pantry and kitchen cleaning was likewise not good. I found junk food and candy stashed in the corners and you know you just can’t let that stuff go to waste so I “took care of it”. That may be the reason why I actually started the diet three pounds heavier than I expected.

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Completing Week 2 – Diet Day 14

Today marks the end of the second week of my diet. Despite my disappointment yesterday I still feel like I am making progress and having success. I am still in the horrific 3-day meeting today so I did not have an opportunity to weigh myself. From my weighing yesterday I know that I am at last below 200 pounds which is something I have not been able to say for several years.

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Facing Challenges – Diet Day 12

As I began this journey towards creating better health I did so with a relatively stringent timeline. While it may at first seem like I decided to start this diet as a New Year’s resolution but that was not the case. My expectation is that I will be on the diet for approximately three months which means I will complete the weight loss phase by the first weekend in April.

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The Mad Scientist – Diet Day 11

When I signed up for this diet I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Being a diet rookie I had no clue what an eating program meant or what the logistics were around my commitment. While my health coach was very good at outlining the program I had no frame of reference to put the information into the proper context.

The first item of business was to order food that is vital to the success of my diet. I was presented a web site with pictures of exciting food that I could choose from. After careful consideration I selected what I would eat for the first month.

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Habits Forming – Diet Day 10

Inevitably there are going to be days when things do not go well. That is a fact of life on a diet as well as in life. The question becomes, how do we deal with those days? Will we treat them as obstacles and roadblocks or do we view them as opportunities and grow from the adversity?

When I started this diet my expectation was that it would be the lifetime of poor food choices that would be my downfall. After a few short days of eating what I anticipated would be either bland or terrible tasting food I figured I would get frustrated and end up going to the pantry and picking out a candy bar or a bowl of sugar-laden cereal.

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Progress Week One – Diet Day 7

When I started this diet a week ago I had very little confidence that this was really going to make a difference. After all, based on my rather sedentary job coupled with a lack of a formal exercise program and add to that the years of poor food choices I was almost positive that I was a lost cause. There is no magic formula that could possibly make a difference and reverse what I had been doing most of my life.

I had further wondered whether I would even have the willpower to continue a fairly regimented program that told me when and what I could eat. I was warned that the first three or four days would be brutal. I would be tired, hungry, and have headaches as my body tried to adjust to this new eating system.

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No Seriously, I Ate Buffalo – Diet Day 5

As part of this new eating program, I am slowly adjusting my food choices to what I hope are healthy choices. The majority of my day is fairly regulated eating meals designed by “the program” to ensure that my body is placed in fat burning state. These meals are augmented by one meal typically in the evening that consists of a lean protein and vegetables.

Over the first four days I played things rather safely. I stuck with a green salad and added such normal staples as radishes and celery. The protein consisted of chicken or lean pork cuts measuring approximately 5-6 ounces.

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Making Adjustments – Diet Day 2

The first day of the diet went fairly well. I didn’t get hungry at all. In fact I needed to continue to remind myself that I needed to eat every 3 hours. While the food wasn’t anything you would find in a 5-star restaurant the taste was rather good. Texture on the other hand is something I am going to have to get used to.

Although the food part of the program seems doable I am really struggling with the sleep required. Since high school I have never slept more than 4 hours a night. On this program I am to get a minimum of 8 hours of rest. This is going to be a point of frustration for me.

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