The Two-Month Mark – Diet Day 61

It’s hard to believe but just two short months ago I began this weight loss journey. I weighed more than I had in my entire life and I was ripe for change. After extensive research I decided the Take Shape For Life program best met my needs while feeding my desire to see measurable results both long-term and short-term.

What attracted me to this system were not just the results from other customers but the program as a whole. You are given a personal health coach who is there every step of the way. They are there to answer questions, provide encouragement, and help you through the rough spots.

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A Picture Is Worth a 1,000 Calories – Diet Day 60

I never realized how self-conscious I was about gaining weight until I started looking back over the photographs that we had taken over the past few years. I realized that I was in very few of the pictures. I wanted to say that was because I was always the one taking the pictures but the truth was I just was not comfortable having my picture taken.

Each one of those photos was a constant reminder of how I had let my life get out of control and how it was causing me to become less and less healthy. It was not until our trip to Disneyland last October that I came to the conclusion that I needed to stop the spiral of bad eating and health choices I was making or this very well could be the last family vacation I would ever take with my children.

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Diets and Birthdays – Diet Day 57

Holidays have to be a dieter’s worst nightmare. In our family it would seem that we are always looking for a reason to have a party; one that includes as many favorite foods as you can possibly include. Holidays are one of the biggest reasons why I chose to begin my diet when I did.

There was no way I wanted to be on a structured eating plan during Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. There are just too many comfort foods that I could never see myself doing without. Since being on this diet, some of that has changed but I still would have a hard time not partaking of oven-roasted turkey with grandma’s stuffing and what would Thanksgiving be without a slice of Trina’s hot apple pie? Even the thoughts of those tastes and smells bring back fond memories.

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What Would You Give Up? – Diet Day 41

Let me start off by saying I am not Catholic, I’ve never been Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican, as well as some Baptist and Mennonite. And I’ll likely never be Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican, as well as some Baptist and Mennonite so whatever I may write below this is purely from an observation perspective and has no religious bearing whatsoever. If this post somehow offends you I apologize; that was not my intent.

Today marks the beginning of Lent. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what Lent even was. For the longest time I thought people were saying lint and I had no idea why people were so fascinated with the stuff stuck to the dryer screening that you have to empty before every load.

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Another Reason I Love My Wife – Diet Day 38

An important part of any lifestyle change is having a good support structure. Whether you are trying to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise, or any other change you need to have people who can support and encourage you during the difficult times that come along. I have been very lucky and have an awesome support group who is cheering me on during this weight loss journey.

My kids have been great giving me encouragement and noticing the changes even when others fail to notice. They are there to help me overcome any temptations that might creep up along the journey. When Valentine’s Day came around and everyone else was receiving boxes of chocolates and other sweet treats, my daughter Mallorie gave me a small container of radishes along with a note telling me how great I was looking and how proud she was. It was touching and really meant a lot at the time.

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Setting Goals – Diet Day 37

From a very early age I found myself setting goals for things I wanted to accomplish. Whether it was learning a new skill, getting better at playing baseball, or managing my time more efficiently, there was always a goal. As I grew older that formal goal-setting sort of fell by the wayside. I don’t really remember why that happened. Perhaps I thought I had outgrown the process or maybe I had gotten frustrated when the goal was not realized. Whatever the case I stopped doing it.

During this week’s diet homework the chapter was all about goal setting. As I read through the material I began to understand why setting goals was important, especially for me. I am very results oriented. This is both a positive and a negative. On the one hand having a goal with measurable results gives you a way to track your progress. On the other hand, having defined measurable goals can also cause you to become frustrated when you do not reach them.

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The One-Month Mark – Diet Day 32

It’s hard to believe but I have now officially been on my diet for one month. On January 13th I made the decision that I needed to make some changes in my life. I had steadily gained weight over the past 30 years and had gone from 175 when I got married to just over 210 pounds a month ago.

I don’t really remember the weight gain; but looking at recent photographs and at myself in the mirror one month ago I was shocked to see the transformation. I was once an athlete who could run tirelessly and eat whatever I wanted. Suddenly I was plump around the middle and had a hard time catching my breath after walking up a flight of stairs.

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My Four-Week Check-in – Diet Day 29

Today marks the end of four weeks having been on this diet. I have to admit, I am pretty impressed with myself. It hasn’t really been as bad as I thought it was going to be. Before I began this diet I had assumed that before the first month was over I would have gone all Donner party on my family after eating the majority of my meals from water and powder. I can safely say that at no time during this first four weeks did I ever sneak into the children’s bedroom in the wee hours of the night and test if they were plump enough nor did I refer to any of them as Hansel or Gretel.

Overall it’s been ok. Yeah there were days that I wondered whether I was making any headway and I really questioned whether all of this reading and homework was necessary but then I would step on a scale or catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think, “I think I am starting to see a difference.”

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Learning Patience – Diet Day 26

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with having patience. Some of that struggle is self-induced and part of it is environmental. We live in a society where instant gratification is not just expected but demanded. No one these days wants to wait for anything. Whether it be traffic on the freeway or service at a fast food restaurant we expect results to occur immediately.

Being impatient is not something I have just come to realize I’ve known I have this personality defect for quite some time and I have wanted to immediately fix it but that never seems to work. Before beginning this diet I needed to reach some sort of agreement with my subconscious that I would not freak out if I didn’t get results quickly.

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