The Ghost of Christmas Past

Christmas is by far and away my favorite holiday of the year. I love everything this season represents and it brings back so many incredible memories of my childhood. Looking back over my life I have been very blessed to have had some incredible Christmas gifts and experiences.

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The Christmas Newsletter

The holiday season is filled with all kinds of activities. There is of course the outside decorations, the Christmas tree, and of course the Nativity display. Each of these build towards the magic of the season.

Shortly after finishing the decorating, Trina will make a batch of her wonderful hot chocolate and we will stand back and observe all of the work. It is a wonderful time that fills your heart with joy and happiness.

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The Christmas Train

Christmas has always been special. From the giant stocking I gave Trina when we began dating to getting engaged, this time of year holds a special place in our hearts. Shortly after we began having children I decided our decorations were missing something.

The first Christmas after our second daughter was born I decided what we really needed was a train to go around the Christmas tree. I had always wanted a model train and this seemed to give me the perfect excuse.

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Santa and His Reindeer

When I was a young boy, one of the chores I looked forward to every year was to go over to my grandparents’ house and help them with their Christmas decorations. My grandparents, especially my grandfather, were like a little kid when it came to Christmas.

His goal was to have the best and most decorated house in the neighborhood. It was not that he had a lot of decorations, it was the meaning he put into the decorations. His decorations started to get a little out of hand and grandma would have to reel him back in.

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It’s Decorating Time

After surviving the Black Friday fiasco I was ready for a little peace and quiet around the house. By peace and quiet I mean the typical chaos that normally occurs around here.

With Thanksgiving quickly becoming a memory it is now time to turn our sights squarely onto the next holiday, which of course is Christmas. This weekend is typically when the Thanksgiving decorations come down to be replaced by the never-ending Christmas decorations.

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What Was I Thinking?

The aroma of roast turkey still lingered in the air and the dessert plates had just barely been cleared from the table. The tranquility of Thanksgiving suddenly disappeared with a loud thud.

The Thanksgiving newspaper was plopped onto the table; it’s contents spilling in every direction. Trina brought out “the notebook” and put on her game face. The newspaper was divided and it’s contents were examined at every inch.

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The Cell Phone Dilemma

Two years ago all my daughter Whitney wanted for Christmas was a cell phone. She begged and pleaded for a phone. She was younger than the other girls when they got a cell phone so it was a dangerous precedent to be setting.

Whitney has always been mature for her age so I wasn’t worried about getting her a phone. Still I wasn’t about to let on to her that she was going to get a phone. Instead I told her that she had to get an “A” on a particular test in order to be considered for a phone.

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Hallmark Ornament – Holiday Open House

Do you ever have an idea that at the time seems completely brilliant but then after taking a step back and analyzing the idea from a distance you wonder exactly what drug you had to be on to think of something as crazy as that? For me, that is a relatively normal occurrence. I am not implying that I am some sort of drug addict just that I have the brain of a drug addict.

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Hallmark Ornament Premiere

Today is Saturday July 12 and that can mean only one thing, it is the Hallmark Holiday Ornament Premiere. Does the Hallmark Corporation have any idea how strange that sounds? Here we are in the middle of summer. The backyard grill still has the remnants from the Independence Day BBQ and we’re still trying to decide if we can get away with one more night of setting off fireworks before the cops come over and confiscate our remaining bottle rockets. In the midst of all that we are supposed to get in the mood to select ornaments for a Christmas Tree that will remain stored in the garage for another 5 months. I was ballistic when I went in Wal-Mart the other day and saw them starting to prepare aisles for Halloween costumes now I am being asked to decide what decorations I want to see on my tree. That just seems really messed up. I’d love to be able to blow off the premiere but I’ve been down that path before and it is not good. The saddest part is that I have no one to blame for this but myself.

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