Leap Day – Diet Day 48

Leap year is a constant reminder of the human species recognizing they are not perfect. It’s funny, every day much of our lives are dictated by the calendar and the clock. We have time-based appointments that require us to rush from activity to activity. We gauge our success in how much we are able to accomplish based on a 24-hour day. Very few of us ever stop to question why we let the clock run our very existence.

But clocks and the calendar are not absolutes and they are not infallible. We are reminded of that fact every four years when the calendar needs an extra day inserted in order to make up for the errors in calculation of time passage. The error is further magnified by the fact that it’s not every four years that we get this leap day. The calculation itself shows that we really don’t have a good and effective way to measure time.

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JCal Pro

Last winter I took on the task to redesign the Foothills Harley Owners Group web site. The previous iteration of the web site had outlived its purpose and a new site was needed to allow the group to find the information they needed quickly while allowing the group’s officers to manage the content easier.

I used Joomla as the content management system to give the site it’s form and structure. The content was categorized and laid out in a way that would make it easy for the Webmaster to manage and maintain.

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WordPress Plugins – AJAX Calendar

When I first began blogging I was decidedly against having a calendar appear on the front page. I kept telling myself that I already knew what day it was and I didn’t need a continual reminder of how seldom I posted. It served as a constant feedback mechanism of how pathetic I was as a blogger. When I started this I thought I would write every day. Before long I was happy if I was posting once a week. Then it was maybe twice a month. Without a calendar there I lacked discipline of keeping track of my writing frequency. For the exact reason why I didn’t want a calendar on my blog I realized that was why I needed one.

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I’m Being Stalked By the Number 9

Today is a day I have both anticipated and dreaded my entire life, 09/09/09. I am a self-proclaimed patterns guy and I am always looking at number patterns and trying to understand them as something more than just coincidental. Whether it be when a clock turns 12:34 or if a date comes up with some pattern I seem to try to place some sort of value on it.

The repeating nine pattern though has me just a little bit uneasy. I would normally be excited about a date such as triple nine but my excitement is tempered by the fact that the number nine has been stalking me my whole life and as a result I am scared to death of what today will bring.

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Panic at the Calendar

I looked at the calendar today and realized it was time to flip the page. It’s funny, as I have started to get older I look at the calendar with equal parts of amazement and disdain. Every day that goes by reminds me of all the things I had wanted to get done but never seemed to find the time. This leads down the typical range of emotions. First is astonishment when I realize that the calendar has moved forward. You would think that after all these years I would realize that time continues to march forward regardless of whether I choose to acknowledge it or not. Yet every day I still find myself shocked to see another day has passed. Once I get over the initial emotion I usually get frustrated. I have a list of things I wanted to get accomplished and I broke that list down into days and now I find that one day is missing and it doesn’t seem like any of the activities I had listed for this now missing day had the decency to get lost with the day. Activities are kind of like rats on a sinking ship. When they see a calendar day slowly taking on water soon to be gone from existence; they immediately jump to the next day hoping to save their pathetic selves.

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