What’s Missing?

With all the hype surrounding the Apple iPad it was almost impossible for any device to live up to the expectations everyone has built up with the various rumors and consumer wish lists.

Almost as quickly as the product was unveiled there were already mounds of press both positive and negative discussing the merits and drawbacks of the device. It was interesting to read these accounts especially considering the lack of hands-on experience these writers had with the iPad.

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Apple iPad

Like many other technology users, I looked forward to the Apple new product introduction. Usually I don’t get too caught up in all of the hype that accompanies one of these announcements.

I’ve been to enough Apple events to know the company and in particular Steve Jobs has these things down to a science. They maintain secrecy over all details of the event and subtly let out slight details at a rate that ensures the general public is spun up to a frenzy.

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Apple Tablet on Verge of Introduction

When Apple Computer booked the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for a media event, the media and customers went into overdrive concocting rumors of what new products or software will be unveiled.

The most popular rumor is the release of the highly anticipated Apple Tablet which has been expected for over a year. As is always the case, Apple closely manages the information that is “leaked” prior to an announcement.

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My Wishes For iPhone OS 4.0

Rumors are flying about potential announcements Apple will make during their invitation only event this week. While many of these rumors center on the proposed Apple tablet device, there are other indications that the announcement will also include an update to the Apple iPhone OS that is used on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and if rumors are correct the tablet.

As an owner of an iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS as well as several iPod Touch devices, I am eagerly awaiting the newest version of the iPhone OS. When Apple introduced iPhone OS 3.0 I was ecstatic.

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Album? What’s an Album?

I am beginning to gain a new appreciation for how the dinosaurs felt as they began their decline into extinction. For a period of time dinosaurs ruled the earth and were the dominant creature that dictated how things progressed.

Depending on what theory you adhere too, there were either outside forces at work that destroyed the environment of the dinosaur or the species simply did not react to changes going on around them and over time nature went a different direction leaving the dinosaur to die out.

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Motorola SB-6120 Cable Modem

For the past several years I have been utilizing Cox Communications High-Speed Internet meaning that I am using a cable modem to access the Internet from home. At the time we moved into our home the phone company was not yet offering DSL in adequate speeds due to the length our house was from the trunk it would be a long time before DSL would be an option.

Since we have Cox Communications engineers living in our neighborhood the lines running to the junction box were very clean and the speed was very good. The problem with cable modem service has always been that the more people that use the service in an area the slower it got. In our case, I have not noticed a significant slow down as new users have come on.

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Sony MDR-NC20 Headphones

One of the first iterations of noise cancelling headphones created by Sony, the MDR-NC20 were the cutting edge of technology. These over-the-ear headphones used an active noise cancelling system to cut down outside noise up to 70 percent (10 dB).

As soon as these were released I invested in a set for travelling. I used the term invest because these headphones had a suggested retail price of nearly $200. At the time I was a struggling software developer and these were definitely more than I really could afford if I was honest with myself.

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The Good, Bad, and Mostly Ugly of EFi-X

I happened to be perusing a copy of Maximum PC magazine. This is one of the better computer enthusiast magazines for cutting edge hardware and building custom computer systems. In this particular issue they reviewed the EFi-X device. This is a USB dongle that will allow the computer to boot into multiple operating systems.

Multi-boot systems are really nothing new and usually it does not require a piece of hardware to accomplish this. I probably would have glossed over this article and moved on but something caught my eye. Not only did this device support Windows and various distributions of Linux but it promised Macintosh compatibility.

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A Day Without iPhone Is Like a Day Without…

Today marks another episode in what is quickly becoming the never ending InvisibleSHIELD saga. When we last left our hero he was anxiously awaiting the conclusion of his wife’s InvisibleSHIELD installation training. I was anxiously looking forward to having an iPhone that had been sealed for my protection. And although I had no intention of ever running my keys across the iPhone it would be good to know that I could without having to worry about whether it would be scratched. As Trina finished installing the film she brought the iPhone to me to make sure everything was cool. She was carrying it as if it contained nitro glycerin. I was really hoping that the instructions did not include that I had to carry my phone in that manner. Being a typical guy, I just reached out to grab the device and begin messing with it.

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