It’s Here, the New iPad is Here!

On March 7th like countless others I was glued to my computer screen to listen as Apple announced the new iPad. I was an early adopter of the iPad when it was initially released. The tablet form factor was intriguing and I wondered whether Apple could pull it off?

Not only did they “pull it off” but they redefined a market segment and brought truly portable computing to the masses with a simple interface and a powerful ecosystem of applications that allowed the user to personalize the device to do exactly what they wanted.

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TRENDnet 16-Port Green Ethernet Switch

Let me start out by saying that I am not Irish, none of my family is Irish, heck I don’t even have an Irish Setter so for me to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is quite a stretch. Like most American’s I will be sporting green apparel and at times I will even do my favorite Lucky Charms leprechaun impression.

Normally around our house the St. Patrick’s Day celebration begins with a traditional breakfast of ham with scrambled eggs. The eggs of course have been laced with green food coloring making this a breakfast of “Green Eggs and Ham”. This year though we broke with tradition and instead had green instant oatmeal. It just wasn’t the same but there was a reason why I broke with tradition.

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Apple Announces New iPad

It’s hard to believe that it has only been two short years since Apple introduced the iPad. Before the original iPad existed there were other tablet computers but they found limited success in the marketplace. Somehow Steve Jobs found a way to capture the exact user experience that the public wanted and the iPad became an immediate success. Now it is hard to imagine my life without my iPad.

I was one of the early adopters of the iPad. I initially purchased one out of curiosity and to see how difficult it would be to develop software. What I found surprised me. I quickly reached for my iPad rather than my laptop to do general work. When I was called to Grand Jury Duty, which lasted three months, I took my iPad with me to read or write columns during breaks from the courtroom. I was amazed at how much I could do with this small portable device as compared to my more bulky laptop.

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Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale

I’m not exactly sure what the proper mourning timeline is for a scale dying. I don’t want to seem too insensitive and immediately replace my dear old friend but then again I don’t want to be alone. As I stood in the bathroom staring at the empty spot where my scale used to sit I began to reminisce about all the great times my scale and I had together. That scale saw me through a lot of dark times but also was there to cheer me on as the weight began to fall off. Now here I have to take the rest of this journey alone.

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There’s an App for That? – Diet Day 47

I’ll admit it; I am an insatiable techno-geek who is always looking for ways to add new technology into my life. They say the first step to recovery is actually admitting you have a problem. I wouldn’t exactly say it was a problem but according to my wife and family it is.

So when I went on something as simple as a diet to change my eating habits and become healthier I was sure that this would be one area that would be relatively technology free. I mean really how could anyone possibly add technology to something as simple as eating?

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Another Reason I Love My Wife – Diet Day 38

An important part of any lifestyle change is having a good support structure. Whether you are trying to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise, or any other change you need to have people who can support and encourage you during the difficult times that come along. I have been very lucky and have an awesome support group who is cheering me on during this weight loss journey.

My kids have been great giving me encouragement and noticing the changes even when others fail to notice. They are there to help me overcome any temptations that might creep up along the journey. When Valentine’s Day came around and everyone else was receiving boxes of chocolates and other sweet treats, my daughter Mallorie gave me a small container of radishes along with a note telling me how great I was looking and how proud she was. It was touching and really meant a lot at the time.

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FitBit Ultra

One important aspect of losing or maintaining your weight is to be more active. Society today is filled with all manner of devices to make our lives easier. With that ease comes consequences, we don’t have to work as hard and in many cases we have less movement.

Before beginning this diet I knew that I had become much less active than I was earlier in my life. But with five kids going in different directions, a job requiring long hours in front of the computer, and not enough time in the day to complete any to-do list I could not possibly be expected to find time in my day to go to the gym.

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Power Support Air Jacket

In my never ending quest for the perfect iPod Touch case I have taken another step. Before I begin it might be prudent for me to recount what brought us to this point in time.

I bought an iPod Touch as soon as they were released. I loved the capabilities of the device and was especially impressed with the battery life especially when watching movies or listening to music.

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Where’s the iPhone OS?

Prior to the iPad announcement I predicted Apple would introduce a new version of the iPhone OS. This prediction was based upon the rumor the iPad would use the iPhone operating system.

Based upon the introduction and subsequent reviews by those who have actually seen an iPad, the device is indeed using the iPhone operating system. This was further validated when Apple introduced a new Software Development Kit (SDK) that included calls for using the iPad’s new features.

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