The Ghost of Christmas Past

Christmas is by far and away my favorite holiday of the year. I love everything this season represents and it brings back so many incredible memories of my childhood. Looking back over my life I have been very blessed to have had some incredible Christmas gifts and experiences.

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The Death of an iPod

My fifth generation iPod (with Video) died. From the troubleshooting I have done it appears that the 60GB hard drive failed. The device attempts to boot and I can hear the hard drive attempt to spin up then stop. After a quick Google search I found that this kind of failure is relatively common and the solution is to purchase a new 1.8 inch drive and have it installed.

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A Mother’s Day Message for My Wife

I came across this story and thought of us. On this Mother’s Day weekend we will gather together and you will have all of your children by your side; all but one. But rather than feeling the pains of loss I hope we look at this as a reminder that the rewards awaiting us in heaven are far greater than the joy we feel on this earth.

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These Shoes Are Made For Walking

When I bought my FitBit Ultra in early February I had no idea what kinds of chaos it would introduce into my life. I had naïvely assumed it would be a simple pedometer that would help me track how active or more to the point how inactive I actually was during my day. My goal was to use this information to help motivate me to exercise a little more.

I was not foolish enough to believe that a light would suddenly come on and I would find myself becoming some kind of gym rat that would spend every waking hour working out. If the FitBit would just remind me to not sit in front of the computer for countless hours it would be doing its job.

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Making the Transition Day 4

Since reaching my weight loss goal I have shifted from the weight loss portion of my journey to health to a maintenance mode. In order to go from fat burning to maintenance means that I have a transition period where I will begin to add back in calories and foods that were not part of the weight loss plan.

This is a time period I was both looking forward to and dreading. On the one hand it meant that I had reached my weight loss goal but on the other hand it meant giving up the safety net of a structured eating plan that I just had to robotically follow instead of making food decisions on my own.

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Eggs-tra Special Holiday – Transition Day 3

I’m not exactly sure when Easter morphed from a religious holiday to becoming one centered around a giant rabbit that hides colorful eggs around the house for children to find or that leaves baskets full of goodies in his wake.

These baskets of Easter treats are typically laden with sugar and other goodness that will have kids bouncing off the walls after consuming just a few things. According to reports, Easter is now the second largest candy-consuming holiday after Halloween. That means that Easter is bigger than Christmas and Valentine’s Day when it comes to sugar consumption.

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First Pete Then Repeat- Transition Day 2

One of the most interesting aspects of my weight loss journey has been people’s reaction when they see me for the first time in a while. The groups of people fall into two distinct categories. The first group attempts to be nonchalant about their observation not really wanting to mention the obvious changes that have occurred. While they may think I look different they don’t really dare ask for fear that they could be wrong.

These people wait hoping someone else asks whether I have lost weight or not. It’s funny, once the subject is broached they are very inquisitive asking all kinds of questions such as how much weight I lost and more importantly how did I do it.

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Surviving Opening Day – Transition Day 1

The opening of baseball season is not just another day around our house; it is a national holiday. To say I may be obsessed with baseball would be the understatement of the year. I think my favorite T-shirt put it most accurately, “Baseball is not a sport; it’s life.”

This year as last the Major League Baseball season did not start on a traditional Monday but rather started mid-week for some. Truthfully I am not exactly sure what day was Opening Day since the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners started in Japan with a regular season game in March while other teams were still playing Spring Training Baseball.

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The End to a Perfect Phase – Diet Day 84

Today marks the 12-week point of my weight loss adventure. My goal when I started was to hopefully be through the fat-burning phase before Opening Day of the Major League Baseball season. For the Arizona Diamondbacks that day is tomorrow.

At the time I didn’t think there was any way possible that I would be able to lose 40 pounds let alone before April 6th. Instead I hit that mark three days prior meaning today is the final day of fat burning.

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