Life is a long and strenuous journey. Each step moves us. Some steps lead toward a destination while others take us further away. We are born with the capability to travel only as far as our strength is able to take us. Jeff Summers Some choose a well-worn path to travel; content with seeing the sights that others have seen from this journey. Others veer off the path intent to blaze new trails that no one has seen before. This choice is not without peril. You find yourself continually in unfamiliar territory and seldom is there anyone to help you as you make your way through the jungles. There are times when this less-traveled path rewards you with sights and experiences that no one has ever seen.

Deviating from the well worn path should not be taken lightly. I believe we have a responsibility to document our journey so that others may benefit from our experiences. Merely leaving the path and wandering off may be fun in the beginning but if you are not careful you will soon find you are lost with no hope of finding your way. We each should take a moment to stop and look around. Describe what we have seen, what we have experienced, and how we have gotten here. It will give you an appreciation of your journey and give you an opportunity to assess whether this path is leading you in a direction you would like to go. This self-realization and documentation will also act as a road map to anyone who happens upon your path. They may make a similar journey be able to learn from your experiences.

While each of us makes our journey through life as a solo trek; we are never alone. There is always someone there with you. That someone may be a traveling companion who is sharing your path even if only for a short distance. It may be someone you meet while resting from your journey who stops to discuss the climb or assess what lies ahead. It could be someone we’ve never met who happened upon our path and is now sharing similar experiences by following in our footsteps. Regardless of the circumstance, we are leaving a legacy with each step we make. It is up to us to decide how that legacy will unfold.

I invite you to walk with me for a while and see the world on my path as I try to explain why I have deviated from the path in search of adventure and to explore that which has never been seen. Like all journeys, mine has more than its share of pitfalls and stumbling blocks. But through perseverance and perhaps some creative thinking I hope to take these challenges and make them grand adventures. In my life it is usually the struggles that lead to the best vistas. Perhaps that is always the case; our biggest rewards come from those times when it seemed hopeless but we somehow overcame the odds.

I strive to live my life in an active rather than passive mode. I want to earn each step I make and share it with everyone around me. Each of us have a unique perspective and I’m interested in hearing what others think of the sights and experiences we have shared. Feel free to join in the discussions that go on here. You are welcome to leave comments or if you would prefer send me a note. It is always great to hear from fellow travelers.