A Mother’s Day Message for My Wife

I came across this story and thought of us. On this Mother’s Day weekend we will gather together and you will have all of your children by your side; all but one. But rather than feeling the pains of loss I hope we look at this as a reminder that the rewards awaiting us in heaven are far greater than the joy we feel on this earth.

Jeff & Trina at Lindsay's GraveWe didn’t lose a daughter, we gained an ambassador to heaven who waits patiently for her parents to arrive to give them a hug for every year that she missed doing so on earth.

I know sometimes I don’t say this out loud but I do have a testimony that God lives and he watches over us. He has provided us with a plan to return unto him and be reunited as a family. That knowledge is enough to keep me going.

I want to be there the day our daughter meets us at the veil with tears of joy running down her face. I want to be there to hear her tell us all we have in store and to listen as she intently asks about all the things she missed out on here on earth. I want to watch every day as she learns from her earthly mother all the things that you would have taught her hear in mortality. I want to see mother and daughter reunited building the bond we missed out on all those years ago.

So while she may not be with us here for Mother’s Day I know she will be in our hearts and the love each of your children have for you includes a little piece of Lindsay who is asking her sisters and brother to stand in for her until we can be together again.

I cannot turn back time or make the pain of her loss go away; if I did, I’m not sure I would. That pain has helped us to become who we are. It acts as a constant reminder that terrible things happen but we should not dwell on the negative results. The Lord has taught us there must be opposition in all things. I remind myself that as hard as it was to lay our daughter to rest and not be able to raise her in our earthly family; there is a level of happiness and joy we will fill that exceeds the pain of our loss. That at least comforts me as it should you.

I don’t have an old crib that I can turn into a beautiful bench, all I can give you is these words of encouragement and the knowledge that with all my heart I know that she will be there for you. You are her mother and you will have the opportunity to raise her and love her not just for a few years but for all time and eternity and that is the greatest gift you will receive this Mother’s Day.

I couldn’t find a card that could express those feelings. I thought about just holding your hand and telling you these things. In honesty, I wasn’t sure I could. The emotions are too strong, I’m not sure I could get through it. So I thought I would add it here so you could read it not just today, but every day when you think of Lindsay.

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  1. Trina says:

    Thank you for a wonderful story and reminder of our dear sweet daughter. She is our rock. Love you for your strength and love. You’re a sweet loving father and husband and have always been the joy in my heart.

    Love always and beyond forever,

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