Loose Changes – Diet Day 81

Outside of my family, baseball is the thing I love the most. If you ask my wife and kids there are some times when baseball is the most important thing in my life but that’s not true. When I thought about going on a weight loss program, I did so with the understanding that I would do this as long as it didn’t interfere with baseball.

I didn’t want to have to worry about eating diet food or having my head not be in the game. I’ll be the first to admit that I love going to the game and partaking of the sights, sounds, and more importantly tastes of the game.

There is nothing quite like a hot dog, a bag of peanuts, or my personal favorite the cinnamon roasted almonds from the Cactus Corn stand at Chase Field. Those things just bring back a flood of memories of being at the ballpark sharing my love of the game with my family.

I chose January 13th as the day to start my weight loss journey so that I would hopefully be finished with the weight loss portion of my diet before Opening Day on April 6th. I could not even imagine how crazy I would be if Opening Day came and I would not be able to have a Hungry Hill Italian Sausage with sauerkraut.

Somewhere along this journey my thought processes changed. I was no longer looking forward to the things I once was. My eating and exercise habits have changed and I am now much more conscious about what I eat and drink. Still in the back of my mind I didn’t think this would affect baseball. As I inch closer to my weight loss goal and the calendar moves closer to Opening Day I find that I really have changed and today was the perfect example of the magnitude of those changes.

As my family talked about our plans for attending Opening Day at Chase Field I wondered aloud what I would eat at the ballpark. Everyone stopped and stared at me in disbelief. It was a foregone conclusion that I would begin this season the same way I have for the past several years by standing in line for a Hungry Hill Sausage.

Not so fast, do we know what the nutritional facts are on a Hungry Hill I asked? From the looks on the faces of my family you would have thought I had just announced that I was an alien who has come to this planet to try and take over the world.

For the first time in my life I have reached out to the Arizona Diamondbacks to ask for their assistance in obtaining the nutritional information on all food and beverages at the ballpark with the notion that I would write a series of articles on how to be a “Fit Fan”.

So far the quest for the nutritional facts has been a struggle. It would seem that most of the vendors do not have this type of information. That shocked me. I thought it was required that nutritional facts be available to the consumer but that may not be the case.

The Diamondbacks are now going through internal discussions with the various concessionaires to see if they can provide this information. I’m not sure how this is going to play out but hopefully the data can be made available and we can begin educating baseball fans that there are things to eat at the ballpark that will help you maintain health and still enjoy the experience at a ball game.

I now know how much losing weight has become a priority for me when it starts to change how I think and act about baseball. I’m not positive but this may be a sign of the apocalypse.

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