Like Father, Like Son

I am not exactly sure why but April Fool’s Day is a national holiday in our house. I blame Trina really. I mean she is always joking around despite how serious the occasion is.

I remember one time when she was a youngster that she stood up in church and yelled, “If there is a God, show me a sign!” then fell to the floor gyrating on the ground. The old people in the congregation freaked out. I think one of the little old ladies may have had a heart attack. It was pretty funny though. Oh wait, that might have been me that did that. It was still funny though.

Through the years there have been countless pranks pulled on various members of the family. Normally these pranks can be traced back to some idea I had which at the time seemed like a good idea.

Now the kids have all reached teenager years. At this point you would think the pranking would decrease but quite the contrary has occurred. There are even more practical jokes that are played each year but I am not always the one to blame. Today the torch has been officially passed.

My oldest daughter Ashley who is currently staying with us got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. Still half asleep she sat down on the toilet. Little did she know that her brother Dakota had already been in the bathroom before she got up.

Dakota had placed poppers that he had left from last Independence Day under the toilet seat. When Ashley sat down the poppers exploded. Fortunately she was already in the bathroom otherwise there may be a bigger mess to clean up.

While that prank was a classic, Dakota did not stop there. He had gone downstairs and taped hundreds of streamers across his sister Tiffany’s door. When she came out she was like a fly stuck to a spider’s web.

There was no end to Dakota’s pranks today. He had found Trina’s Facebook password and gone out and changed his mother’s birthday from December 27th to April 1st. When Trina logged in she was greeted by a multitude of birthday wishes. I’m not sure which is funnier that Trina had all these birthday greetings or that all of her friends have no idea when her birthday actually is.

The problem with all of Dakota’s jokes is that he still has to live in this house. Already there are plans for payback. I am now hiring myself out as a creative consultant offering suggestions of how everyone can get even. This may end up being the longest day of the year before the girls get done with Dakota. I have never been so proud.

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