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I’m not exactly sure what the proper mourning timeline is for a scale dying. I don’t want to seem too insensitive and immediately replace my dear old friend but then again I don’t want to be alone. As I stood in the bathroom staring at the empty spot where my scale used to sit I began to reminisce about all the great times my scale and I had together. That scale saw me through a lot of dark times but also was there to cheer me on as the weight began to fall off. Now here I have to take the rest of this journey alone.

Before long I realized that there was no way I could move forward without a scale. I need that feedback and guidance if I am going to be successful. So despite this being only the first day since the passing of my old scale I found myself getting all dressed up to meet new scales.

It’s been a long time since I have been in the scale dating scene. Back in my day a guy had to court a scale and build up a relationship after first asking the manufacturer if it would be all right if I took the scale home to meet my parents. Boy, things are sure different now.

It seems like everywhere I turned there was some new flashy scale vying for my attention and my money. I never realized how materialistic some of these scales could be. While my last scale was a simple device with a circular dial and I just stepped on to get a reading, these new scales had all kinds of new wiz-bang features. Some of these scales on the market are so sophisticated that measuring weight seems like almost an afterthought.

After going to two or three stores I was thoroughly confused. On the one hand all I needed was something that could accurately tell me what my weight was. On the other hand, I am an information junkie and the idea of a scale being able to measure and record multiple data points intrigued me.

The vast array of scales and features had overwhelmed me to the point where I nearly gave up looking. Then the answer to my weight measurement prayers was answered in the most unlikely place.

As I was walking through the local mall I decided to take a break from looking at bathroom scales and went into the Apple Store to see what new gadgets they had on display. Tucked away in the back of the store was a white box with a black square on the cover with the name Withings printed on it.

It wasn’t the picture that caught my eye as much as it was the title of the box that made me do a double-take. Along the top it said, “Wi-Fi Body Scale”. At first I wondered, why in the world would anyone want a bathroom scale with Wi-Fi networking and exactly what kind of network activities does a scale need?

Intrigued I picked up the box and began reading. The scale not only accurately reported your weight on the LCD display but included other information such as percentage of body fat and BMI calculations. Where other scales simply recorded this information on the display that disappeared when you stepped off the device, the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale sends this information wirelessly to a secure web site where it maintains the measurements and graphs them for you.

This sounded awesome. I mean not only is it going to accurately measure my weight but also allow me access to the data and watch the time-based trends of weight management. No longer do I have to remember the numbers, the scale sends them to the web site automatically.

That alone would be worth the price of the scale but it doesn’t stop there. The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale also interfaces with the FitBit Ultra pedometer and automatically enters your weight into the system to help you track your weight loss goals and how they are augmented by the exercise being recorded by the FitBit.

I eagerly purchased the scale and rushed home to set it up. The initial steps were fairly self-explanatory. The scale had a huge cling sticker with a URL for beginning to use the scale. After starting a browser I was taken to the Withings web site to create a free account. I entered my name, height, and beginning weight.

At first I wondered why I needed to enter my weight before stepping on the scale but the on-screen help explained that the scale was capable of managing the weight of eight unique users. It recognizes the user by their weight and adjusts based on the +/- from the last time you used your scale.

I created an account on the scale for my wife and I. Since there is roughly a 75-pound difference between the two of us it easily knew which of us was standing on the scale.

Stepping on the scale it began measuring weight. At first it had a little difficulty in calculating my weight but from the display I realized I was leaning with too much of my weight on one leg versus the other. Once I centered my balance it quickly figured the weight, percent body fat, and BMI displaying all three measurements on the display.

In less time than it took me to step off the scale and walk downstairs to my computer the information was on the Withings web site and also on the FitBit web site giving me instant feedback on how I have been doing since my last weigh-in.

Besides the web site, Withings also has an iPad/iPhone application and an Android application that will allow you to get information about your weight while you are on the go. The system does allow you to share your weight information on social networks but honestly I am not sure I want the entire Internet to know how much I weigh. Maybe I’ll feel differently when I get down to my target weight.

Overall the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale is a great device. It seems to be much more accurate than my old dial scale and has already provided me with information that I otherwise would not have known such as Lean Body Mass, and percent fat.

It not only works with FitBit but several other sites making it easier for those who use online sites to help manage their weight, diet, and physical activity. At first I thought having a Wi-Fi enabled scale was ridiculous but after just a short period of time I’ve really liked having the information available automatically without me having to track it manually.

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