Weigh-in Day Part XI – Diet Day 78

It’s Friday and for the past 11 weeks it has been the one-day of the week that I both looked forward to and dreaded in equal amounts. It’s kind of like that Rebecca Black song. On the one hand you absolutely detest hearing that thing yet once you hear it you can’t get it out of your head for hours.

Friday is official weigh-in day for me. It is that time when I have to face my worst fears. I have to step onto the scale and see that number that represents my current weight. It’s funny, I shouldn’t really care but I do. After all, I am following the plan and doing everything in my power to stay true to the weight loss program.

Looking back I have absolutely no basis for my fear of Friday. For each of the 10 previous weeks I have seen my weight go down each time. Granted there were weeks when the number was just slightly less than the week before but it was still a loss.

Talking to others who have been on weight loss programs I hear about horror stories where despite them following the plan to the letter they actually gain weight instead of lose it. Knowing my personality that would totally devastate me. Maybe that is why I am so fearful of the scale and the weekly weigh-in.

What if this week is the week that my body revolts and decides it has had enough? What if despite the hard work and sacrifice I see my weight go in the opposite direction? How am I going to deal with that? Will I just give up and throw in the towel or will I become despondent and feel sorry for myself?

As I pondered this dilemma I realized that this weight loss program is teaching me a valuable lesson on faith. I don’t know what the number will be when I step on the scale. I have faith that it will be lower than the week before but I have no way of really knowing.

I have bought into the fact that Take Shape For Life is the right program and that it will result in me being thinner and more important healthier. But that belief is not necessarily based on fact as much as it is based on faith.

I have seen and heard of other people who have followed the plan and had success. I would therefore assume that if I did likewise I too would have success but that is not a given. Each of us is different and adapt to things differently. For the first 10 weeks I have nervously stepped on the scale hoping that the diet was working.

In each instance I have seen my weight go down so it would seem logical to believe that this week would be the same. So why fear the scale? And if I am scared of stepping on the scale do I really have faith in the program and more importantly in myself?

Faith should not be something that comes and goes but something foundational in my life that I build upon. It really isn’t faith if one set back causes me to give up or abandon something. Instead I need to be stronger and know that even though there may be small bumps in the road my faith should not waiver whether it is a diet or any other aspect in my life.

With this new found outlook I took a deep breath and stepped onto the scale content in knowing that no matter what the number said I have been successful. I looked down at the dial, which read – 171.7 pounds. For the week I lost 3.2 pounds. I am now only 1.7 pounds away from my goal. At this rate I should reach that goal by next week’s weigh-in.

Coincidently next weekend is also baseball’s Opening Day. I had always said I would love to be done with the weight loss phase of the program before baseball season started. I didn’t think that would be possible but it is. I guess I just needed a little faith.

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