Weekly Weigh-in – Diet Day 51

I have to admit, I was extremely worried and nervous today. It has been a very nerve wracking week for me. First my good friend the bathroom scale passed away which was followed by a brief mourning period before I found a new friend the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale.

Normally my diet weigh-in happens each Friday but because of the death and funeral arrangements it was postponed until today. So there I stood in the bathroom staring down at the new shiny Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale and I was too frightened to put a foot on it.

What if my old scale was wrong? What if instead of being 187 pounds I was actually 197 pounds? What if all the dieting I had done in the past 7 weeks I was actually heavier than I thought and all the weight loss I had been recording was simply a faulty scale?

I have to admit, the thoughts of stepping on this new scale and finding out that instead of losing weight I had actually gained weight may just be enough for me to consider going to the other side of the veil and being reunited with my dead bathroom scale.

It was probably only a couple of minutes of staring down at the new scale and willing myself to climb aboard but at the time it felt like an eternity. Regardless of what the scale was going to say I needed to stay positive. I was feeling better and that was what was important not some silly number on a dial.

Oh who am I kidding, I live to see what that dial says and if I stepped on this new scale and I was actually heavier than I thought there were going to be some very colorful metaphors floating around the house. Just to be on the safe side I waited until the family was all out of the house. After all, there is no reason why children should have to listen to that kind of language.

So with all the enthusiasm of a root canal I firmly stepped onto the scale and cautiously looked down at the digital readout. After a few seconds to ensure my weight was evenly distributed over both feet; it came back with a reading of 184.6 pounds. My Body Fat percentage was 19.7% and my Lean Mass was 80.3%.

I stood there in shock. I had lost 2.4 pounds for the week or at least the reading on the new scale was 2.4 pounds lighter than the reading on the old scale last week. I let out a sigh of relief then quickly looked down at the digital display to see how much that breath of air weighed; nothing.

I stepped off the scale and was at peace with the number. It may not be the 10 pounds from the first week but it was progress and I was now just 9.6 pounds shy of my optimum weight and 14.6 pounds away from my goal.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done but at least now I feel comfortable with how things are going and if this first weigh-in is any indication the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale and I are going to have a long and meaningful relationship.

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