The Two-Month Mark – Diet Day 61

It’s hard to believe but just two short months ago I began this weight loss journey. I weighed more than I had in my entire life and I was ripe for change. After extensive research I decided the Take Shape For Life program best met my needs while feeding my desire to see measurable results both long-term and short-term.

What attracted me to this system were not just the results from other customers but the program as a whole. You are given a personal health coach who is there every step of the way. They are there to answer questions, provide encouragement, and help you through the rough spots.

You also have a manual and a workbook that teaches you that it’s not just about losing weight but reprogramming your body and mind to make correct decisions that lead to a healthier you. The diet has not been without its challenges. Navigating holidays and special events have been tough and giving up on things that were making me less healthy has been a short-term struggle until I understood how breaking the chains of bad habits would lead my life in areas I had not anticipated.

The weight loss has not been consistent or linear. There have been weeks when I was extremely frustrated at the lack of progress when measured by the scale. Looking back, those weeks where I didn’t lose a lot of pounds I instead lost inches and saw dramatic changes in how my body looked.

When I started I didn’t think there would be any way I would stick with this. The first sign of adversity I felt like I would cave in and revert back to the habits that I had followed for years that lead to a slow and steady weight gain.

Instead I feel like I have truly begun to change my life. I am much more conscious about what I eat understanding proper portion control and what combinations of foods my body likes. Besides the food portion I have become much more active exercising every day. Trina and I are now walking over 5 miles a day. The walking has not only helped me to be healthier but has given me quality time to spend with Trina talking about how our day is going or what our plans are for the upcoming week.

For the first time, I stepped on the scale to measure progress and I wasn’t worried about what the number would say. Instead I was just grateful for the accomplishments I have made so far. Still, I won’t lie and say a lower number wouldn’t make the joy more complete.

As I looked down at the dial it read 178.8 pounds. I have a Lean Mass percentage of 81.9% and my Body Fat is 18.1%. The Body Mass Index is now at 23.7 well within the normal range. This is a far cry from when I started this journey when I weighed just over 210 pounds and was classified as overweight or obese. Those 32 pounds were not easy to take off but then nothing worth accomplishing is ever easy. The struggles have helped me learn humility and appreciate the rewards so much more.

I am still 8.8 pounds away from my end goal but it now seems achievable. I have already begun planning for the maintenance and my day-to-day life after leaving fat burning state. With the knowledge I have gained over the last 2 months I really feel like I have made sustainable changed in my life to help me maintain this healthier lifestyle.

According to my FitBit profile I should reach my goal on April 11th. That will be just before the three-month mark on the program. I’m looking forward to that day. Not so that I can return to my old habits but to begin life again as a healthier person who is able to spend quality time with my family not worrying whether the extra weight I was carrying would shorten my lifespan.

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