The Case of the Mystery Weight – Diet Day 52

One of the great things about the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale is how it can monitor and track up to eight separate people and their weight. Perhaps the most amazing part of this tracking is that the scale can identify the person whenever they step on the scale. Well, that’s the theory. In reality that’s not always the case.

We have had the scale for two full days and in that time we’ve already had a mystery that even Scooby-Doo and his friends would not be able to solve. It all started last night. While Trina and I were downstairs our grand daughter Lily was getting ready for bed. Her nightly ritual includes getting a bath followed by pajamas, kisses and hugs for everyone then going to bed.

Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary about this as it is the same ritual she follows every night. The strangeness happened this morning. Trina stepped on the scale and read the dial. She was one pound heavier than she was the day before.

Anyone who knows Trina would understand that was a good thing. Despite having five children she actually weighs less than she did when we first got married. She is the kind of woman who can eat whatever she wants and it never seems to stay put. So for her to gain a pound was quite an accomplishment.

I had to take the opportunity to give her grief about how that pound was actually all of the birthday cake she ate the night before celebrating Lily’s birthday. She freely admitted that was probably the case (which is a relief as I was afraid my teasing about her weight could leave me sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future).

When I got downstairs I logged into the computer and began writing. Somewhere along the way I went to the Withings web site to verify that the scale was actually sending the data to the Internet and storing it securely. I happened to look at Trina’s profile and noticed something very peculiar.

The weight entry for today showed up as did the one Trina registered yesterday. But between these two measurements was a third entry that was eight pounds heavier. I called out to Trina and asked her if she was feeling all right? Anyone who gains and loses eight pounds in the course of 12 hours is either extremely sick or has some sort of eating disorder.

Obviously my line of questioning was out of the ordinary and Trina had to see for herself what I was talking about. I showed her the data from the scale and the jump in weight. Like so many other women in this country she immediately exclaimed, “That scale is lying!” Uh, yeah ok whatever you say dear.

Clearly Trina was taking this way too personally. I tried the same reasoning that she always uses on me when the bathroom scale and I are having an argument, “It’s only a number, don’t worry about it.” Yeah, that’s not a good thing to say unless you don’t mind the imprint of a non-stick frying pan upside your head.

Trina was no longer the mild-mannered woman I had married. She had morphed into some sort of super sleuth intent in solving the mystery of the bogus weight measure. Before long she had lined up all of the children and began interrogating them. She even brought poor Lily into it. How she thought a 2-year old could possibly deceive a high-tech network enabled scale to believe that she was in actuality a woman is beyond me.

It was just a matter of time before one of these kids cracked. Everyone had a motive. Whether it was Ashley who had already stolen the laundry basket or Mallorie who had secretly snuck upstairs carrying two 10-pound weights wearing her mother’s shoes to trick the scale. There is Tiffany who is still bitter about having to clean her room or Whitney who had the perfect alibi that she was doing dishes with mom but still seemed a little too uncomfortable when being grilled with questions. Not even Dakota was immune. Perhaps those video games are merely a front to teach him to be a master of disguise capable of tricking the scale into thinking he was his own mother.

The questioning went on and on. Finally under the glare of a naked 100-watt light bulb Tiffany cracked. It was her that stepped on the scale. She didn’t know that it was tracking people’s weight. She thought it was just a regular scale where everyone could step on it and find out how much they weighed. Silly child, when will she ever learn that no appliance or piece of equipment in this house is ever simple or regular?

With the mystery solved all that was left was for me to remove the bogus data allowing Trina to return to her rightful weight without any of the guild associated with gaining and losing 8-pounds overnight.

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