Losing Weight in All the Wrong Places – Diet Day 69

When I began to contemplate going on a diet I had to go through a self-evaluation. I knew that if I started this journey that I wanted to be fully committed to reaching my goal. The last thing I wanted was to stop or give up part way through. Part of this evaluation was to understand whether I needed to lose weight and where. By where I didn’t mean “in the house” or “on the sofa” but rather which parts of my body was I hoping to “re-shape”.

The photographs that were taken at our last family vacation to Disneyland last fall made it blatantly obvious where I needed to lose a few pounds. My midsection had gotten a little rounder than I had remembered in the past making most of my pants and shorts tighter than they were.

My legs had likewise gotten bigger especially around the thighs. If I could lose the gut and make my legs more defined this would definitely be a success. Beyond those two areas I really didn’t think I needed to lose weight anywhere else.

During the first couple of weeks I began to notice that my waistline was indeed getting smaller. Likewise my jeans seemed to have a more relaxed fit than they did before starting this journey so obviously my thighs were likewise getting smaller. I have to admit, I was feeling pretty good and things were going according to plan.

As the weight has come off I have noticed that it wasn’t just those two areas where I seemed to be losing inches. Trina immediately noticed my neck had more definition. I had begun to develop a second chin before the diet and that was now gone. I have to admit I was a little sad by that. Having a second chin was kind of like driving around with a spare tire. If I ever got a chin flat I at least had another one but that’s now gone. Still I looked and felt better so that was the important thing.

In the past couple of weeks though I have seen weight loss in areas where I never would have anticipated or expected. My watch that I received for my birthday last year was now too big. It would seem I have lost about a watchband link’s worth of weight in the past two months. Who loses weight in their wrist? Well apparently I do.

The other area and this is a lot more frustrating is that my head is shrinking. No seriously it is. A long time ago I wore a size 7 1/8 hat but lately I was buying a size 7 1/4. My theory was that a fitted wool hat has a tendency to shrink and depending on how long my hair is at the time the hats get a little snug.

Now though I have probably tried on 10 or 12 hats I have around the house and they are freaking huge! Are you kidding me? My favorite Diamondbacks hat now falls down over my ears! This is totally messed up. I don’t mind having to go out and get a new shirt or a smaller pair of jeans but Trina is absolutely going to kill me if I have to buy new baseball hats. This is as bad as when the Diamondbacks changed from Purple and Teal to Sedona Red.

I was definitely not prepared for this. These diet guys need to include some kind of warning label. Caution: Going on this diet may cause your head and wrist to shrink. Yeah that should work.

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