Let the Countdown Begin – Diet Day 59

Before starting this diet my goal was to try and get back to 175 pounds. This is what I weighed when I was in high school and playing baseball and when I felt like I was at my optimum weight and size. From everything I read I was told that once I left fat burning stage I could expect to gain five pounds. This meant that I really needed to be at 170 pounds in order to end up at my goal.

Initially I underestimated how heavy I had gotten. I thought my weight was around 200 pounds so my goal was to lose 25 pounds. When I started this diet I found I was not 200 but in actuality I was just over 210! This put my weight loss goal at 40 pounds instead of 25.

For the first few weeks this was a pretty depressing thought. Losing 25 pounds seemed like climbing a mountain. Losing 40 pounds was more like scaling Mt. Everest and as out of shape as I was that would be impossible.

I truly did not think I had what it took to get anywhere near my goal. Through hard work and the encouragement of my health coach Amy, I just kept working and staying on plan. Some days were better than others as I tried to overcome the everyday temptations that an obese society throws at us.

The first week was great losing 10 pounds but from that point forward the weight dropped much more slowly and it seemed as though I would never reach my goal. Today though I stepped on the scale and it read 179.9 pounds.

I have to admit, I did a double take when I looked at the scale display. I have not been in the 170’s since I graduated from college and that seemed like an eternity ago.

Now the goal seems obtainable. I am no longer trying to lose double-digits of weight. I am only 9.9 pounds away from my goal! I have to keep reminding myself that the last few pounds will likely be the hardest to lose.

My body has less fat now than it did when it started and my metabolism is becoming more efficient meaning that it doesn’t need as much fuel to maintain itself. Hopefully with continued exercise and sticking to the meal plans I will be able to continue the path.

I have to imagine this is a lot like running a marathon. In the beginning 26.2 miles may as well be 262,000 miles. When you start out you have the desire to finish the race but you can’t think about crossing the finish line. Instead you have to focus on the short-term goals. You just have to reach the first mile marker then the second and so forth.

After 13.1 miles you begin to tell yourself not that you still have halfway to go but rather that you have survived the first half and if you can just hang on the distance is getting shorter. It is not until you reach mile 20 that the end seems in sight. You still cannot sprint that last 6.2 miles but you can pace yourself and will your body to hold on.

I feel like I am in that final stretch. I can’t see the finish line on the horizon yet but I know it’s coming and I just need to find that little bit of energy that will keep me moving until the finish comes into view. So let the countdown begin as I move closer and closer to the end of this journey.

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