It’s Weigh-In Day: Nine Weeks – Diet Day 64

It used to be that I looked forward to Friday just to start the weekend. After a full week of work I needed a couple of days off if for no other reason that to get a reprieve from the stress of my job. Since starting this diet, I have both anticipated and dreaded Fridays.

Friday marks the end of each week on the diet which means that my reading assignment and homework is due today and I have to step on the scale to see what progress if any I am making in the weight loss department.

Today marks week nine on the calendar for this weight loss journey. If I were still in elementary school that would mean the end of the quarter so report cards would go home and I would be explaining to my parents how I could possibly have gotten a “B” in a subject but an “F” in citizenship. And no, “I don’t play well with other children” was never a valid excuse as far as my parents were concerned.

I secretly wondered if I could possibly tell my health coach Amy that my dog ate my bathroom scale and I needed to be excused from the diet today. Yeah that didn’t even sound feasible when I wrote it here I knew I would never get away with it with Amy.

So with a slight bit of reservation I stepped on the scale while saying a little prayer to the weight gods offering to sacrifice a virgin Twinkie if they would see fit to put a curse on the scale so that its numbers would be less than last week.

I could not hear the creaking of the scale where metal and plastic reached its breaking point so that was a good sign. I looked down at the dial, which read – 177.8 pounds. I had lost 3.4 pounds this week! That is like a new record for me. Normally I have been losing two pounds a week or a little more and this was nearly a whole pound more! Besides the drop in weight my BMI was down to 23.6 and my fat percentage was down to 17.8.

My joy and elation was quickly dampened by the fact that I had just promised to sacrifice a Twinkie. I’m not even sure that is legal and I definitely have no idea how to do that. Hopefully the weight gods will understand. Maybe if I promise to sing praises to the weight deities and write a poem? I just need to find a word that rhymes with Twinkie.

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