I’m Melting! – Diet Day 72

We have had a very odd winter in Arizona. Typically this is the time of year when we see unseasonably cold weather with temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s, cloud cover, and an occasional rainstorm. Instead this year we are seeing high temperatures in the 80’s with a chance that we could reach 90 degrees by the weekend. It’s hard to garner a lot of sympathy from family and friends when you tell them how mild the winter has been or that you may have to turn on the air conditioning in March.

For me I am actually looking forward to the warmer weather. Since I began this diet in mid-January I cannot seem to ever get warm. Despite the sunny weather I am still huddled in a sweatshirt blowing on my hands to try and take the chill off. This is a known side effect of the weight loss program but that doesn’t make it any less comfortable.

Today Dakota had a soccer tournament in Scottsdale. While others were wearing tank tops and summer clothing I had my sweatshirt on and had packed a jacket. I did put on a pair of shorts. Not because I thought it was warm but because I don’t have long pants that are fitting me again.

Being at the soccer game all day meant I had to be very creative to get all of my meal replacements in despite being away from the house. Today I decided the best option was to pack the energy bars. They are conveniently packaged and are some of the tastiest of the diet food.

My favorite has to be the Chocolate Mint Crunch Bars that taste exactly like Girl Scout Thin Mints, which were my favorite cookie of all time. I threw my two energy bars in a side pocket of my shorts and jumped into the car to go to the soccer tournament.

I have now gotten to the point where I have to enter reminders into my iPhone to tell me not to forget to eat. When the alarm went off for my first meal I reached into my pocket and retrieved a bar.

As I tore open the package I didn’t find the bar I had expected. Instead there was a chocolate substitute like goo that oozed out like some sort of primeval slime. Within a few seconds I was covered in chocolate mint and I could manipulate like an air bender.

I tried collecting the goo but before long my fingers, hands, and face were covered in the stuff. I felt like a 5-year old who was caught eating paste in kindergarten. This junk was everywhere. Clearly the guy who invented these bars did not live in the desert.

I’m going to have to rethink the theory I had of using these bars as my primary mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. I’m either going to have to freeze them or keep them cool somehow until it is time to eat; so much for the convenience.

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