I Need More Pants – Diet Day 76

Less than three weeks ago I celebrated my birthday. When my wife and kids asked what I wanted as a gift I did not respond with my desire to get some electronic gadget or something baseball related. No, what I really wanted was a new pair of pants.

Yeah you read that right. I wasn’t asking for the new Apple iPad or a new lens for my Nikon camera. I didn’t ask for a gold leaf All-Star baseball or an autographed bat from the Arizona Diamondbacks. I just wanted a pair of jeans that didn’t fall off my waist or hips.

For as long as I can remember I have worn a size 34 waist of jeans. Through the years the waist size had gone from being rather loose to being comfortable to becoming quite snug. The snugness is one of the driving factors of going on this diet. To move up a pant size was a validation that I was gaining weight and losing control.

After the first month of being on the diet I was already seeing results. The once tight size 34 was now quite loose to the point that they felt like they would not stay up. I had already bought a new belt and now it was time for a new pair of pants.

I remember going to the store and for the first time in several years I walked past the size 34 and tried on a size 33. Granted it was only one inch but to me it was a huge deal. I wore a 33 when I first got married and now some 30 years later I am back to that same size.

In the dressing room I stood there staring at myself in a new pair of jeans. A pair of pants should not be this important but it was a milestone and one I never thought I would ever see again in my life.

Since that time I have worn my size 33 jeans as a proud reminder that all the effort I had put into losing weight was making a difference. But over the weekend something unforeseen happened.

Despite losing just 2.9 pounds over the last week my body was going through changes in other ways. My size 33 pants suddenly were no longer snug. In fact they were no longer even comfortable.

I had Trina wash the jeans three or four times thinking that perhaps the material had simply stretched as Levis do over time. After each washing I would try on the jeans only to find that they fit the same. These pants just don’t fit!

So for the second time in less than a month I found myself back at the clothing store looking at pants. This time I was walking past the size 34 and the size 33 to a sizing table I have not seen since I was in high school.

I took a pair of Lee jeans into the dressing room and tried them on. Much to my amazement I buttoned up the pants with little or no effort. There was no laying down trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans. There was no deep inhaling and praying that the pants would withstand all the pressure of a bulging waistline.

No, these fit perfectly. I tucked my shirt in and stepped out for Trina to see. She confirmed what I had thought; I was now wearing a size 32 waist. After the experience from a week ago I questioned whether I should buy another pair of jeans or wait?

On the one hand I had jeans and they were only an inch too large but that inch felt like a mile. I was still in fat burning mode and I had not yet reached my goal. Should I just wait until the weight loss was over?

On the other hand I was only four pounds away from my goal. How many more inches could I possibly lose? The jeans felt great and looked good. Maybe that guy from the Discovery Channel was right, maybe Lee Jeans do make my butt look better.

In the end I decided to buy another pair of pants. My waist size likely won’t change too much in four pounds and if nothing else this will act as a major milestone. Today is the day when I returned to a size I never thought I would ever see again in my lifetime.

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