Harder Than I Thought – Diet Day 54

When I began pondering going on a weight loss program I tried to find a time of year that was the least obtrusive. I didn’t want to start it last fall since that would mean that I would miss out on the kid’s Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey with all of the wonderful side dishes, and of course Christmas which always has magical culinary treats. That would just be too difficult to have to bear.

Instead I chose to begin just after the first of the year. After all, new year new beginning seemed like the opportune time. Besides, there is really not much going on in January. February would be a little more difficult since that included Valentine’s day but if I could get through that one day I would be set.

I had no idea how long it was going to take me to lose the weight I needed but in the back of my mind my goal was to be finished with the diet before Opening Day of baseball. There are so many things at the ballpark that I love such as the Hungry Hill sausages and the roasted almonds that I didn’t want to be stuck eating diet food when everyone else was having peanuts, cotton candy, and the other vendor treats.

Of course before Opening Day arrives there is Spring Training. I had been looking forward to baseball season starting and was at the ballpark early when pitchers and catchers reported signifying the end of winter. During those first few workouts it wasn’t too bad. I was walking from practice field to practice field and the games had not begun.

This week things changed. The teams were no longer just practicing in the back fields. There were actually Spring Training games featuring different teams. I was there when the Diamondbacks opened their Cactus League season against the San Francisco Giants.

Almost immediately as I walked through the gates I could smell the smells of the ballpark. There was the fresh cut grass and the flowering plants that we just beginning to bloom but mostly there were the smells emanating from the concession stands.

There were the vendors I had come to love so dearly. Beyond the right field wall was the small Native American booth selling freshly cooked Navajo Tacos and scones. There was the brick oven baked pizza with the mountains of cheese. There was the vendor selling chocolate covered strawberry kabobs and frozen cheesecake on a stick. Then there were my friends at Hungry Hill and Cactus Corn with their delicious wares.

For a brief moment I wondered whether I would be able to endure all of these sights and sounds while sticking to my eating plan and exercise program. It would be so easy to justify having the Island Noodles from the booth just above Section 119 and really what would it hurt if I had just one Italian Sausage with grilled green peppers and onions?

But then I realized that it wasn’t so much the food but the comfortable feeling I had of being at the ballpark. I could just as easily enjoy a ballgame while eating healthier foods that would keep me moving towards my goal.

The moment I knew my life was changing was when I began looking at each item sold by the concessionaires and wondered what the nutritional value of each item really was. That kind of thinking would have never occurred to me before but I am grateful it has now. Maybe this diet isn’t just a matter of losing a few extra pounds but instead teaching me how to enjoy the rest of my life being healthier.

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