Finishing March with a Bang – Diet Day 79

Buoyed by the results of yesterday’s weigh-in I am beginning to look forward to the end of the fat-burning phase of my weight loss journey. I am now within two pounds of my goal and it feels great.

I have to believe that the size I am at this point will be the same size I will be when I hit that elusive 170-pound mark. I have already gone through my closet once but it is time to do a little more weeding of old clothes. The first pass was going through T-shirts and polo shirts, which have been a fashion staple for most of my adult life.

Today I turned my attention to dress clothes. I am typically a very casual dresser, a fact I am reminded of regularly by family and friends when I arrive “dressed up” by wearing whatever jeans I have that are faded the least. Most times I can get away with that but there are occasions that I have to dress up.

In my closet I had six pairs of dress slacks and 14 dress shirts, which was probably, overkill. The question was do any of them still fit? I spent the morning trying on various combinations only to find that nothing fit. Personally I think I am ok with that as it really drives home the fact that I like to dress casually. Trina on the other hand did not agree.

It seemed important that I have something that I can wear to church and other formal engagements that is not made of denim and utilizes a shirt that buttons from top to bottom. Despite my arguments it looked like today would be a clothes-shopping adventure.

We went to the local mall and began the search for something that fit from a style perspective and also literally fit. It seemed to take forever but after a multitude of stores and trying on more outfits than Malibu Ken at Barbie’s Beach House I finally settled on two shirts and two pairs of slacks.

As a special treat I also picked up a Jerry Garcia necktie. After all, who wouldn’t want a Grateful Dead member tie?

During the drive back from the mall I stopped to ponder what an amazing transformation has occurred during the month of March. It began with a new scale that registered 185 pounds the first time I stepped on it.

For the first time this century my pant size went from a 34 waist to a 33 waist and my shirt size went from an extra large to large. Now here we are four weeks later and my weight has gone down 14 pounds. Both my pants and shirt size were reduced another level where I am now the same size as I was in high school

My energy level has continually increased and I feel better physically than I have in decades. It is as though I have recaptured my youth and it feels great.

When I was a child in elementary school we were taught that if March came in like a lamb it would end like a lion. This described the somewhat volatile nature of spring weather especially in Idaho. In the case of my life it seemed very appropriate.

At the beginning of he month I was timid and just going with the flow. By month end my health and outlook on life has become a lot more energetic. I am reaching goals and feeling good about myself. This has definitely been a good month.

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