Dieting While Traveling – Diet Day 73

One of the things I have realized during my time on this weight loss program is that the more things you can get control of in your life the better your chances for success. For example, if you can somehow manage to stay close to home where you can control what food you have access to, appliances to prepare the food, and minimalize the outside temptations then it’s pretty easy to stay on task. It is when you introduce variables into the equation that things can get dicey.

I’ve been fortunate that for the most part I have not had to be too far from home during the past 10 weeks. Sure I have had to go back and forth to the office to work but I was able to manage what meal replacements I could bring. This allowed me to manage around some of the measuring and special cooking instructions and keep the distractions to a manageable level.

Sure I still had to navigate the gauntlet of vending machines and deal with all of the smells of amazing food being prepared in the café or by people bringing their lunches but I just stayed focused on my goal and got through it.

This weekend I was not nearly so lucky. Dakota had a state soccer tournament. His games on Saturday were in north Scottsdale. While that meant we would be leaving the house early in the morning and returning well after dinner I was still able to adapt my eating needs to allow me to succeed.

Rather than eating my one lean and green meal at dinner as I normally did I moved it to lunch when we had a break between games and could be home for a bit. It’s funny how even something as simple as that makes a difference in your routine. Eating the lean and green at night had become a satisfying end of the day; sort of like a reward for making through another day. My body had become somewhat accustomed at this timing so when I ate the meal at mid-day rather than at the end it felt just a little disorienting.

That wasn’t the worst part though. After the two games in Scottsdale Dakota’s next two games would be in Tucson meaning we would be driving down and staying overnight so that he could be at the field by 7 AM this morning.

Suddenly I was no longer able to control what I could eat and how it would be prepared. I surveyed the box of food I had ordered to try and identify what I could possibly take that would allow me to properly prepare it and still be satisfied.

Breakfast was the most troubling. Normally I have pancakes or oatmeal, which do require some preparation. I thought about just switching things around and drinking a shake for breakfast but I was running short of those waiting for my next order to arrive.

I went with the oatmeal but that required me to also pack a disposable bowl, a measuring cup, a plastic spoon, and of course the meal packet. The hotel we were staying at offered free breakfast each morning. So while everyone in the hotel seemed to be dining on homemade waffles, omelets, bacon, and other breakfast treats I would be preparing a bowl of low-calorie oatmeal.

Typically I enjoy the oatmeal but today it was almost inedible. With the sweet aromas of freshly made cinnamon rolls and bacon floating through the air I was looking at a bowl that suddenly looked like gruel. It would have been easy to justify tossing the oatmeal and having a hot, prepared breakfast with the other guests.

Instead I reminded myself of how much better I felt and how close I now was to reaching my weight goal. Less than 5 pounds separated me from my ideal weight and it just was not worth it to trade that in for a slice of bacon and a bagel.

This was a huge step for me. It meant that I was able to remain committed to this program even when I didn’t control my environment. I am not sure I would have been able to do that two months ago.

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