Baby It’s Cold Inside – Diet Day 68

One constant throughout our marriage has been my wife Trina’s continual complaints about being cold. It doesn’t seem to matter what the ambient temperature is, it is not nearly warm enough for her. The reason for her being cold is likely the fact that the woman has little or no body fat to insulate her. She weighs within a few pounds of when she was in high school and by within a few I think she is actually less now than she was then.

I remember when we were thinking about moving away from Idaho and I asked her if she had any preferences. He response was, “anywhere warm”. I suggested Arizona but that it got very hot there. She suggested that there was nowhere outside the surface of the sun that would be too warm. I took that challenge and to her word she hasn’t complained even when summer temperatures reach 120 degrees.

Unlike Trina I have never had a problem being cold. A lot of that is probably the result of the insulating barrier I was building around my midsection. I never really had an appreciation of what she was going through or feeling until I started this diet.

Almost from the beginning of this weight loss journey I have had trouble staying warm. Despite living in Arizona where the winter lows rarely reach the mid 40’s I have found myself huddled under blankets or blowing on my hands to try and keep them warm.

My health coach Amy said this was a fairly common side effect and not to worry. Not to worry? I was maybe two degrees away from becoming the human icicle and she says not to worry.

For the longest time I didn’t think this diet was actually working. I would look at myself in the mirror from time to time and did not see any changes. It wasn’t until Trina reminded me that I was wearing two shirts, a sweater, and a sweatshirt that I realized that maybe the bulk I was seeing in the mirror was more clothing than it was me.

Recently the temperatures have begun to rise as spring arrives in the Arizona desert. Spring Training is now in full swing and I am spending time in the bleachers watching games where the afternoon temperatures are in the low to mid 80’s. It is definitely shirtsleeve and shorts weather but I still find myself reaching for a jacket when those around me are sweltering in the heat.

Hopefully after I am through with the weight-loss portion of the diet that my body will acclimate to the heat otherwise Trina and I will be wrapped up in blankets while everyone else is reminding us that it’s a dry heat.

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