Valentine’s Day – Diet Day 33

When I was considering going on a diet I carefully calculated the date when I would start. Initially I considered trying to lose weight shortly after baseball season ended last October. I expected that it would take 2-3 months for me to get down to the weight I wanted and that was being aggressive with the amount I would lose each week.

The problem I ran into was that if I started this diet in mid-October I would be on it through the first of the year. This would mean that I would be on a strict meal regime and exercise program through the holiday season. It would mean I would not be able to sneak into the kids’ Halloween candy; I wouldn’t be able to partake in the luscious Thanksgiving feast; and I would miss out on all of the delicious treats that are only available at Christmas.

Yeah, I know it’s a pretty weak reason for why not to start a diet. It was those foods during the holiday season that were a big part of the reason why I needed to go on the diet in the first place. I wanted to be successful and looking at the stacked deck of the holiday parties I was not confident that would occur if I chose to start then.

Instead I waited until after the first of the year. I even gave myself a couple of weeks after New Years so that I could finish up those last leftovers and treats before I stopped cold turkey (no pun intended). Starting the first of the year seemed like a good “fresh year/fresh start” message that I could live with. Besides, there really weren’t a lot of special occasions or holidays I would have to work around.

That last sentence has come back to haunt me. I had forgotten about Super Bowl Sunday and the tradition of finger foods and special dishes that are made during that time. I was able to successfully navigate through that day but not without a lot of determination and will power. With that behind me I thought I was home free. Unfortunately that wasn’t quite right.

As February began I was reminded that Valentine’s Day would soon be upon us. I am not really a romantic kind of guy so Valentine’s Day is a rather minor holiday in my mind. I thought that would work to my advantage but I began to feel slightly guilty and decided I really needed to do something for Trina.

At first I thought flowers. After all, what woman would not want flowers and I would not be tempted to eat a few rose buds; it was perfect. The problem was that flowers didn’t seem to be enough. The kids had some expectations that there would be some chocolates involved. As a result Trina decided we probably needed to get each of the kids a heart shaped box of chocolates.

Yeah ok I can deal with this I guess. The problem became that Trina wanted me involved in deciding which chocolates we should get. Soon I found myself standing in the Valentine’s Day candy aisle gazing at all of the chocolate and sugar gifts that just begged to be purchased.

It wasn’t just the kids though. I was also getting a few not so subtle hints that chocolates would be a great gift for a wife too. Usually Trina and I will split a box and reward ourselves for surviving another year of marriage (to be honest it wasn’t really that hard to survive but we seemed to feel like we needed an excuse to dip into the box of chocolate).

At the end of the shopping excursion I walked out with five boxes of chocolates for the kids along with three packages of Hershey’s Kisses and hearts for Trina. While everyone was at school and work I placed the chocolates and flowers around the house for each member of the family.

I won’t lie; it was more than a little tempting to have just one chocolate but a reminder of the success I have had so far on this diet kept me strong. I did get a little help from my daughter Mallorie who brought treats over for the family. For me she brought a small container of radishes along with a note telling me how proud she is for what I am doing.

Yeah I have a pretty great family who are a wonderful support system that will help me to be successful. It’s love like that that will help me to be successful.

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