The New Food Order is Here! – Diet Day 28

Let me start out by saying I am not a big musical fan. The classics such as Oklahoma! and Fiddler on the Roof are very much lost on me. I grew up in a family that was definitely not musically gifted. The closest we got to music was enduring my parents’ country music station on the radio. That being said there is one musical that I not only can tolerate but I find myself mesmerized into watching it whenever it comes on – The Music Man.

I find myself intently watching as Professor Harold Hill works his sales magic on the River City Iowa citizens getting everyone in the town to eagerly give him money for a chance for their son’s to be in the city band. The performances put in are wonderful and the star power was amazing. From Robert Preston to Buddy Hackett to Shirley Jones to the memorable youngster with the lisp played by Ron Howard; each of these characters was brought to life.

I always find myself saying, “I didn’t know that song came from that musical” even though I have now seen this film dozens of times. This movie made me actually want to travel to Gary Indiana and visit the Gary Conservatory and applaud the gold medal class of ’05. Today though it was the musical number “The Wells Fargo Wagon” that caught my eye and ear.

In the movie that song brings talks about the city’s excitement when they see the Wells Fargo wagon coming to town. Everyone is anticipating what magic that delivery service may bring. The citizens reminisce about the wonderful treasures they have gotten in the past and secretly hope the Wells Fargo driver is bringing something for them.

What was most striking for me was the fact that I was watching this movie as I somewhat impatiently waited for my own delivery. No, the bank was not sending a wagon to my neighborhood. My delivery was coming via UPS and I wasn’t wishing for a band instrument but rather a new food order.

It was time for my latest order to arrive for my Take Shape for Life program. For a guy on a diet there is nothing more exciting than when you get a new box of food. I will finally be able to change out the meal replacements and won’t be living on a steady dose of pudding and cookies. Before you get too shocked, they are diet cookies and puddings each with less than 110 calories and I only get five such meals each day along with my “Lean and Green” meal.

As the doorbell rang I leapt from the sofa (yes I am going to count that as exercise) and rushed to the door. There on the steps was Stan the UPS Man. Stan and I have become close friends. He comes to my house nearly every other day bringing me such wondrous things as packages from Amazon or a new Hot Wheels car.

Today’s box was fairly large. When I opened the door I was greeted by a smile and a “Wow, this is a lot of Hot Wheels!” from Stan. I explained that this wasn’t a toy this time but rather it was a month’s worth of food for my diet. He looked at me and looked at the box and said, “Wow that’s not much food for a month”. Thanks Stan; way to ruin my excitement.

So after spending a few minutes discussing my eating patterns to a guy wearing brown shorts and a sweat lined fedora I was given my box and Stan bounded down the stairs and off to his truck. Just so you know, anyone wearing brown knee-high socks and a sweaty fedora is going to be described as bounding when they move.

I reached for a box cutter and began gleefully singing “The Wells Fargo Wagon” as I unboxed the goodness that would hopefully continue my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Who knows, maybe if I lose enough weight I might want to try wearing brown knee high shorts. Oh what am I saying, there’s no way I could pull off that look and I don’t even know how to bound.

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