Taking It in the Shorts – Diet Day 45

Despite my epiphany yesterday and my resolution to be more positive I couldn’t help but still be a little frustrated that it was only two pounds last week. I kept reminding myself of what my health coachAmy had said and not to get too hung up on the numbers.

Weight loss was not just about the number that reads on the scale. There are other changes that occur as well. Of course by that time I had pretty much zoned out whatever anyone was saying. It may as well have been a scene from a Charlie Brown cartoon when the teacher is talking. “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

I really should have listened more closely. What Amy was saying was that there would be times when the weight might not come off as quickly but that is because the body is going through other changes. Those changes may be in the form of losing inches. Yeah but I am not on this diet to lose inches. The doctor didn’t say, “Jeff, your internal organs would be in much better shape if you would just lose an inch around your left thigh.”

So inches really didn’t have any meaningful context for me; at least not until today. This morning Dakota had a soccer game. The weather in the Phoenix was supposed to be gorgeous as it normally is this time of year. Temperatures were to be in the mid to high 70’s with sunny weather and not a cloud in the sky.

As is normally the case this time of year I folded up my jeans and went to my drawer and retrieved my cargo shorts. The last time I wore these shorts was during our trip to Disneyland last October. I remember cursing a little that these shorts had become a little snug around the middle.

Hopefully after the past six weeks of watching what I was eating I would at least be able to put these shorts on and not have to worry about putting out an eye if the button blew off after squeezing into the waistband.

I pulled my shorts up and sucked in my stomach as I had become accustomed to doing last fall. I was surprised to find out that I really didn’t have to suck in my gut. In fact the shorts buttoned easily. In fact, when I buttoned them and zipped them up they fell to the floor when I let go of the waistband.

I looked around to see if maybe I was being punk’d. I fully expected to see Ashton Kutcher come out from around the corner laughing about how they had exchanged my shorts with those of a retired sumo wrestler. But that didn’t happen. I retrieved my shorts from the floor and tried again. For a second time they fell to the ground. I picked them up again and looked at the tag in the back. Yup, that’s my name sewn in them and the size said 34 which is what I wear. I guess “wore” is the proper tense.

For the first time in a very long time I am actually going down the size chart instead of up. Maybe Amy was right maybe last week was my body’s way of saying it needed seven days to rearrange the tonnage a little.

Finally I am no longer worried about the dreaded furniture disease where a man’s chest falls into his drawers. One thing is for certain, I am going to need to go find some new shorts or the neighbors are going to get really creeped out when I go to the mailbox.

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