Super Bowl/Super No: Fighting the Food Game – Diet Day 24

Despite the fact that as a family we rarely if ever even watch a football game, we are like countless thousands of others that will tune in to watch the Super Bowl. I have to admit, most of those watching are doing so to see the commercials rather than the game but it’s the fact that we’re tuned in at all.

Typically we will get together with family and friends and spend the day talking sports, watching television and of course eating. Plans begin weeks in advance of the big game to find the perfect finger food that will go with football.

There will be some traditional items such as seven-layer taco dip and assorted other chips and dips. Those will be augmented with deep fried mozzarella cheese sticks dipped in marinara sauce. Plates of breaded jalapeno peppers filled with cream cheese, and an occasional vegetable tray will follow that just so you don’t feel too guilty about what you are eating.

Of course none of these things matter when you are on a diet trying to lose weight. Every tray that comes out of the oven is another reminder of how I got myself into this weight problem in the first place.

After my positive experience at the fast food restaurant yesterday I was confident that I could overcome Super Bowl Sunday as well. I have to admit though the aromas that floated through the house were intoxicating.

I began to try and justify things in my mind. Just one jalapeno popper wouldn’t hurt would it? How bad would it be if I had a few chips or a spoonful of dip? And vegetables are supposed to be a healthy alternative right?

Clearly this was going to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I tried getting my mind off food by concentrating on the game but soon I was surrounded by others with heaping plates full of snacks that I shouldn’t have.

So rather than just sitting there being tempted I took the time to stand and walk or keep myself in constant movement. I tried to occupy my time and my mind with other things such as calculating the time before Spring Training started or looking for ways to focus on non-food items.

I also tried to fill up on water. If my stomach was filled with liquid I wouldn’t be as tempted to add food. I am not sure I have ever drank that much water and I am sure I will pay the price with increased bathroom breaks in the second half.

The goal was to stay focused on the path and not on the potential pitfalls or temptations that were all around me. Before long the desires of binge eating had surpassed and I was once again relaxed and just slightly proud of myself for not deviating.

In the 24 days since I started this diet I have lost just over 16 pounds and am approximately halfway to my goal. Like a long distance runner my focus is now just putting in the miles and staying on track knowing that although the finish line is still far out of sight that with each step I am getting closer to the end.

It’s not just about losing weight now; it is about getting healthier and reversing the health issues I have been having. Each one of those empty calories I passed by today may have just allowed me to live a little longer and watch my children grow and that’s worth every sacrifice I have had to make.

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