My Four-Week Check-in – Diet Day 29

Today marks the end of four weeks having been on this diet. I have to admit, I am pretty impressed with myself. It hasn’t really been as bad as I thought it was going to be. Before I began this diet I had assumed that before the first month was over I would have gone all Donner party on my family after eating the majority of my meals from water and powder. I can safely say that at no time during this first four weeks did I ever sneak into the children’s bedroom in the wee hours of the night and test if they were plump enough nor did I refer to any of them as Hansel or Gretel.

Overall it’s been ok. Yeah there were days that I wondered whether I was making any headway and I really questioned whether all of this reading and homework was necessary but then I would step on a scale or catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think, “I think I am starting to see a difference.”

The beginning of every new week for me begins with a weigh-in. The first week I was thrilled to see a drop of 10 pounds. I wanted to do the Snoopy dance when I saw the needle move that far in just seven days. That feeling of euphoria was slightly tempered the second week when I stepped on the scale to see that I had only lost three pounds.

Although I was discouraged at the rate of loss from ten to three I still maintained that I was making progress so I was ok. The third week saw the scale tell me I had lost 2.5 pounds. I began to panic. I went from 10 to 3 to 2.5. At this rate I would get down to not losing any weight by the sixth or seventh week and that was not good.

So today when I woke up I laid in bed for a few minutes staring at the ceiling fan praying that today was not Friday, as I was really not looking forward to my date with the weight. After five minutes though I knew I had to face my fears.

For some odd reason, my mind raced back to high school and to a somewhat obscure movie from 1985 – Vision Quest. At this time of year in high school it was wrestling season. I was never a wrestler. There was just something about two guys wearing leotards frolicking around on a mat grabbing each other made me uncomfortable.

I had and still have a lot of respect for wrestlers even those of the professional persuasion but that definitely was not my sport of choice. I did have several friends who were wrestlers and I watched them work out every day getting stronger and stronger.

On the day of competition they would warm up then face the dreaded “weigh in”. At that moment they would validate that they were the appropriate weight to wrestle in a specific weight-class. In most cases the weigh-in was a non-event but every once in a while you would find someone who “missed their weight”.

When a wrestler missed weight they had a certain amount of time to get back to weight. This usually meant that the athlete would don the plastic suit and madly jump rope, run, do exercises, and even make an extra trip to the restroom to try and get their weight down.

For a brief moment this morning I thought about going out and buying a “sweat suit” and doing a little exercise before getting on the scale. I kept telling myself that as long as I was feeling better it didn’t matter what the scale said. No matter how many times I said that I could not convince myself.

So after taking a deep breath and then exhaling as much air as I could I stepped on the scales. The dial began winding up at a rate that seemed way to fast and I wondered whether I would peg the scale. Instead it began to slow and landed between 191 and 192.

I was really hoping it would show as a solid 191 which would have been 3.5 pounds for the week but it looked a little closer to 192. I tried looking at the scale with just my left eye then just my right and leaning a little left and right to see if that made any difference. I must have been a real sight standing there blinking like a train crossing.

I stepped off the scale and decided I would call it as 192. That means that this week I again lost 2.5 pounds for the second week in a row. It seems that is my body’s way of telling me this is the rate we will likely maintain for the remainder of the diet.

Losing 2.5 pounds is a healthy amount and doctors say 2-3 pounds per week increases the likelihood of maintaining the loss so I do have that going for me. Still, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I really wanted to be at 191 and I just missed it. A mere 3,500 calories in a week or 500 calories a day and I would have made it.

Still, I can’t be too disappointed. I’m still making progress and losing weight and that’s the most important part of this program.

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