Fat Tuesday? – Diet Day 40

In New Orleans Louisiana today marks Fat Tuesday. This is the day before Lent starts refers to the last day people would eat richer and fattier foods before beginning their ritual fasting the following day. Generally Fat Tuesday is a gigantic party where pretty much anything goes and is shown as an example of how gluttonous society can become if given a chance or an excuse.

Normally I acknowledge Fat Tuesday, go out to dinner for some Cajun cooking with some gumbo, blackened shrimp or if I am in an especially wild mood I’ll have a heaping portion of jambalaya. I don’t normally go wild and crazy and you’ll never see me lifting my shirt up hoping to score some beads.

This year though Fat Tuesday has an extra special meaning for me. It acts as a reminder of my old lifestyle where I simply ignored the labels on the food containers and eat whatever my heart desired. I would couple this with little or no exercise and minimal amounts of sleep. In a sense my whole life was a Fat Tuesday I just never followed it up with the next day fast or a return to healthier living.

I don’t think I will ever forget that now. Seeing how easy my life can get out of control if I don’t pay attention and seeing how much work it is to return to a normal and sustainable weight I’ll constantly be reminded that I never want to see the word Fat and Tuesday appear next to each other when referring to how I look.

So while others will be having parties filled with all kinds of food and beverages I’ll keep myself focused and reminded that at one point or another the party is going to end and then you have to pay the price for your actions. I’m ok with that.

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