Exercise as Entertainment – Diet Day 42

Normally Trina and I go walking every night but after the last Death March Trina has been less than enthusiastic about going on our little strolls. So with my FitBit securely attached to my pocket I set out alone to face the elements and the frigid Arizona weather.

It was a cool and crisp 68 degrees when I set out tonight. The walk was much later than I normally do; a result of way too many episodes of Gold Rush that I recorded on the Discovery Channel. As a side note, there is nothing that makes you feel smarter and more superior than watching a couple of episodes about a clueless cast of characters who leave their families to go to Alaska to search for gold without having a clue about being miners.

My walk usually takes me through the neighborhood and back towards a park that is located about a half a mile or so away. If I walked in a straight line it wouldn’t be much of a distance but going in and around the sidewalks and cul-de-sacs makes the entire journey around 4,500.

Tonight there is no one else along the path. The quietness allows you to be engulfed in the silence without any interruptions. This night as I walked I pondered why is it that the streetlights seem to go out just as I get to them? I find myself on more than one occasion to look over my shoulder to see if Hagrid is coming up behind me carrying a young Harry Potter but no one is there.

While I am busy looking at the now darkened streetlights and wondering if this is some sort of clue that I am really a vampire; a police car comes racing by me at a high rate of speed. He does not have his lights on but he is clearly in a hurry.

As the policeman reaches the stop sign across from the elementary school he briefly slows down before accelerating through the vacant traffic sign. As he accelerates he turns off his headlights making the police car almost disappear in the darkness.

I was staring after then car that had just vanished when I heard a car accelerating from behind me. I turn and look as another police car flies by me. This second car also does not have his lights on and like the first one slows briefly at the stop sign before accelerating and turning off his headlights.

Seeing one such car is a rarity in this neighborhood but seeing two back-to-back definitely piqued my interest. I continued my walk and soon came to the stop sign across from the school. Like the policemen I didn’t stop either but I don’t have headlights and decided it would be best to keep my eyes open.

A couple of blocks past the school the two police cars were parked in front of a house, their lights off and not a sound was heard. As I approached the two policemen got out of their car and walked across the street to the house.

I could hear them talking rather low and then heard a knock on the door of the house. Soon the door flew open along with a lot of screaming. A man and a woman were in the midst of an argument and colorful metaphors filled the night air like stars in the sky.

The argument lasted what seemed like an eternity before the police flipped the guy onto the ground and proceeded to handcuff him. The woman was near hysterics as the other officer attempted to calm her down.

Before long the policemen dragged the guy from the grass across the street into his car. In the now operating streetlight I couldn’t tell for sure but the guy looked like one of the Beverly Hillbillies. It wasn’t Jethro but could have been a distant cousin. The girl definitely wasn’t Ellie Mae but rather was a slightly younger granny.

I decided it was probably not in my best interest to hang around staring at the commotion so I continued my walk. Huh, who knew exercise and walking could be so entertaining?

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