Another Reason I Love My Wife – Diet Day 38

An important part of any lifestyle change is having a good support structure. Whether you are trying to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise, or any other change you need to have people who can support and encourage you during the difficult times that come along. I have been very lucky and have an awesome support group who is cheering me on during this weight loss journey.

My kids have been great giving me encouragement and noticing the changes even when others fail to notice. They are there to help me overcome any temptations that might creep up along the journey. When Valentine’s Day came around and everyone else was receiving boxes of chocolates and other sweet treats, my daughter Mallorie gave me a small container of radishes along with a note telling me how great I was looking and how proud she was. It was touching and really meant a lot at the time.

At the top of my support tree is my wife Trina who has worked tirelessly to make sure that I will be successful. Compared to the work she puts in I have the easy part. She is the one who plans out the menu and shops for the perfect ingredients. All I have to do is simply show up and eat the delicious meals she has prepared.

If it were only the two of us at home that wouldn’t be too bad but I am the only one eating this way and we have a house full of hungry teenagers whose idea of dinner is not a half a cup of broccoli and six ounces of boneless, skinless chicken breast. Rather than jeopardize what I am eating Trina will instead make two different dinners – one healthy and one that is teenager friendly.

I can truthfully say that without this support structure there is absolutely no way I could ever be successful on this weight loss program. But despite all of the positive support there are still times when I get frustrated or don’t feel like progress is being obtained in a timely fashion. Trina once again steps in and finds the right thing to say or do.

This past week has been stressful and because of that I was feeling a little low. Despite having success on the diet it was wearing on me and I was feeling frustrated; not just with the lack of fast enough progress but also because of the work I was causing everyone around me especially Trina.

But instead of letting me dwell on the negatives, Trina took a huge risk and decided I needed to be rewarded for successfully making it to the five-week mark and losing the weight that the doctor had requested. During the day she approached me and suggested that perhaps I was right, maybe now was the right time to replace the television upstairs.

As a reward for being more healthy she suggested that I go out and pick out a new television, “something thin” to remind you of losing the weight. How cool is that? How many guys can say they were actually given the green light to get a flat screen television because they have lost weight?

Granted, it does appear to be a little counter-productive to receive a television when you are attempting to become healthier but who am I to argue? Dakota and I ran to the garage with car keys in hand before Trina had a chance to change her mind.

The trip to Best Buy is kind of a blur and I don’t really remember much about it. The only thing that really sticks out in my mind was standing in front of a mile of LED, LCD, and Plasma televisions trying to pick just the right one that would be thin enough and large enough to be a constant reminder of how much my wife loves me.

I ended up with a Samsung 55-inch flat screen LED television with 3D. Seriously, if you have a green light to get a TV you don’t want to waste that on a tiny screen. So while we stood there by the car waiting for the Best Buy Oompa Loompas to bring the box out and sing a song about television and exercise being incompatible, I said a little prayer of thanks. This is going to be awesome.

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