Leap Day – Diet Day 48

Leap year is a constant reminder of the human species recognizing they are not perfect. It’s funny, every day much of our lives are dictated by the calendar and the clock. We have time-based appointments that require us to rush from activity to activity. We gauge our success in how much we are able to accomplish based on a 24-hour day. Very few of us ever stop to question why we let the clock run our very existence.

But clocks and the calendar are not absolutes and they are not infallible. We are reminded of that fact every four years when the calendar needs an extra day inserted in order to make up for the errors in calculation of time passage. The error is further magnified by the fact that it’s not every four years that we get this leap day. The calculation itself shows that we really don’t have a good and effective way to measure time.

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There’s an App for That? – Diet Day 47

I’ll admit it; I am an insatiable techno-geek who is always looking for ways to add new technology into my life. They say the first step to recovery is actually admitting you have a problem. I wouldn’t exactly say it was a problem but according to my wife and family it is.

So when I went on something as simple as a diet to change my eating habits and become healthier I was sure that this would be one area that would be relatively technology free. I mean really how could anyone possibly add technology to something as simple as eating?

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Blowing the Exercise – Diet Day 46

One of my favorite programs growing up was the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. There was just something magical about a child’s toys coming to life and having their own fun and adventure. I especially liked Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.

Pooh and his friends find themselves in a bit of a wind story in the 100-Acre Woods. Pooh the eternal optimist goes around wishing everyone a happy Winds-day. During a visit with Owl, they learn that the winds are a result of “a mild spring zephyr”. The storm becomes anything but mild crashing Owl’s tree to the ground leaving him homeless.

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Taking It in the Shorts – Diet Day 45

Despite my epiphany yesterday and my resolution to be more positive I couldn’t help but still be a little frustrated that it was only two pounds last week. I kept reminding myself of what my health coachAmy had said and not to get too hung up on the numbers.

Weight loss was not just about the number that reads on the scale. There are other changes that occur as well. Of course by that time I had pretty much zoned out whatever anyone was saying. It may as well have been a scene from a Charlie Brown cartoon when the teacher is talking. “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

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Being Too Hard on Yourself – Diet Day 44

It’s funny, this week’s weigh-in was a lot more traumatic than any of the other weeks. I think I was lulled into believing that weight loss would come about no matter what and that additional hard work would result in additional pounds being shed. My mood went from my normal happy and relaxed state to one much more sullen and introspective.

I found myself questioning whether or not this was even worth it. What was the point of continuing to work hard if the results continued to fall short of the goal? For the first time since I started this diet I began to question my sanity for even trying.

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It’s Weigh-in Day – Diet Day 43

Weigh-in day has become a cross between battling the Jabberwocky and bursting into a full futterwacken dance. For those of you who are sitting there reading and wondering what exactly am I talking about, that first sentence contained references to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

I stood there in the bathroom staring down at the scale. If ever there was a time when I wanted a super power that would allow me to manipulate metal this was that time. I’m not exactly sure why my heart begins to race and I get short of breath before getting on the scale.

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Exercise as Entertainment – Diet Day 42

Normally Trina and I go walking every night but after the last Death March Trina has been less than enthusiastic about going on our little strolls. So with my FitBit securely attached to my pocket I set out alone to face the elements and the frigid Arizona weather.

It was a cool and crisp 68 degrees when I set out tonight. The walk was much later than I normally do; a result of way too many episodes of Gold Rush that I recorded on the Discovery Channel. As a side note, there is nothing that makes you feel smarter and more superior than watching a couple of episodes about a clueless cast of characters who leave their families to go to Alaska to search for gold without having a clue about being miners.

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What Would You Give Up? – Diet Day 41

Let me start off by saying I am not Catholic, I’ve never been Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican, as well as some Baptist and Mennonite. And I’ll likely never be Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican, as well as some Baptist and Mennonite so whatever I may write below this is purely from an observation perspective and has no religious bearing whatsoever. If this post somehow offends you I apologize; that was not my intent.

Today marks the beginning of Lent. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what Lent even was. For the longest time I thought people were saying lint and I had no idea why people were so fascinated with the stuff stuck to the dryer screening that you have to empty before every load.

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Fat Tuesday? – Diet Day 40

In New Orleans Louisiana today marks Fat Tuesday. This is the day before Lent starts refers to the last day people would eat richer and fattier foods before beginning their ritual fasting the following day. Generally Fat Tuesday is a gigantic party where pretty much anything goes and is shown as an example of how gluttonous society can become if given a chance or an excuse.

Normally I acknowledge Fat Tuesday, go out to dinner for some Cajun cooking with some gumbo, blackened shrimp or if I am in an especially wild mood I’ll have a heaping portion of jambalaya. I don’t normally go wild and crazy and you’ll never see me lifting my shirt up hoping to score some beads.

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