What Am I Doing – Diet Day 3

According to the documentation I received from my Health Coach Amy, the worst part of this diet is the first 3-4 days. My body has to adjust from eating one large meal at the end of the day to spreading the calories and fuel across 6 small meals. My taste buds are getting acclimated to the new texture of food and they are starting to rebel against powdered eggs. I have a feeling I may have over-bought eggs and should have mixed the breakfasts up differently getting pancakes and other items. Today I started with a protein shake, which tasted a lot like a creamsicle.

The sleep part is still a struggle but I was able to get to sleep without staring at the ceiling fan so that’s a positive change. My body seems to be adapting to drinking so much water but I still feel water logged.

My problem is I want to see results and fast! I seemed ok with the idea that gaining 5 pounds a year for several years was fine but now that I am making an effort I expected things to happen very quickly.

Like many other people who begin dieting I want to see immediate results and the best measurement of that is the bathroom scale. When I started this 3 days ago I weighed in at 210 a result of a large meal the night before starting the program followed by a candy bar. On the second day I stepped on the scale to see myself down to 207, which is what I was before the big meal. Three pounds in 1 day, I was excited.

This morning Trina woke me to remind me that I needed to get up and start eating my small meals in order to get them all in before having to go to bed at 11 PM tonight. Seriously you are going to wake me up to tell me to eat so I can get more rest? Does anyone else fail to see the logic in that?

So I got up and had my shake along with 4 16-ounce glasses of water (part of the water preload I am trying). After all that I went upstairs to shower and thought I would step on the scale and see how I am doing. My weight went from 207 to 209!

What is up with that? I am trying to make good choices and am following this program religiously (I’ve even considered sacrificing a low-fat chicken to the diet gods). And for my efforts I saw a 2-pound weight gain? I was frustrated.

I started to wonder what was I even doing. Maybe I’m not cut out to lose weight, maybe I am actually making things worse by eating 6 small meals a day regardless of what the diet says. I’ve eliminated all sugars and have gone with only the leanest meats and vegetables and this is the way my body rewards me?

The problem is I have set my expectations too high. I see the after pictures of all the people who were on this program and I expected that to happen in a couple of days. I know that was wrong but despite telling myself that I was still frustrated. Of course it didn’t help the fact that I had a shake and drank 4 pounds of water before getting on the scale either.

I am either going to have to ignore the scale and not use it except weekly or I am going to have to change my mindset. Great, yet another change I need to make in my life. Hopefully I’ll enter the fat-burning state soon, I need some good news.

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