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I’m beginning to think that selecting a diet program is a lot like buying a new car without getting the new car smell. Now I have already readily admitted that I am an absolute novice at this diet thing and am basically relying on Trina to kind of deal with this. If you ask Trina I do that with pretty much everything not just diet programs.

One of the positive aspects of the program is that they kind of do all the heavy lifting (no pun intended; oh who am I kidding I have been waiting to use that). From what Trina has explained to me I am given five small “meals” a day then I get one home cooked meal referred to as “Lean and Green”.

That sounded simple enough. The next step was to pick the items that would make up my small meals. The web site had all kinds of choices and each was eloquently described. Of course their definition of a meal versus mine seems to be different. A bowl of soup could be a meal, a shake could be a meal, a brownie could be a meal. Hey, if they are telling me I can eat 5 brownies a day and lose weight that’s cool.

So Trina and I sat on the couch and surfed web site creating meal plans. I’m not exactly sure how this is going to work since Trina had the Food Network playing in the background. I have a feeling that I may be disappointed to find out my brownies are not being made by Chef Duff and the Ace of Cakes staff.

I’m now committed. I have a user ID on a web site, a personal health coach (heaven help poor Amy) and the UPS guy is bringing me enough astronaut food to last to a trip to the moon and back. I guess things are on hold now until the food arrives and I get started on the “exciting journey to a healthier you!”

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