There Are Diet Side Effects? – Diet Day 19

Before starting this diet program I was given homework that included reading a chapter, cleaning out the kitchen and pantry, and taking a pre-test to assess how well or how poorly my decisions have been. The test was a disaster where I actually scored negative points.

The pantry and kitchen cleaning was likewise not good. I found junk food and candy stashed in the corners and you know you just can’t let that stuff go to waste so I “took care of it”. That may be the reason why I actually started the diet three pounds heavier than I expected.

Both of those experiences feel like they occurred a lifetime ago instead of just 19 days. I look back and it’s no wonder I felt horrible about the weight I had continuously gained since high school. Bad choices piled upon bad choices resulted in a lifestyle that was far from healthy.

For all I know I may have continued that lifestyle for the rest of my life however short that may be. During an exploratory surgery where the doctor was looking for cancer I was given an ultimatum. I could either keep doing what I was doing and my body would revolt or I could make changes.

It’s hard to hear the doctor telling you things like that. I didn’t see myself as overweight. Granted I had put on some pounds but looking around it seemed like all of society did. And no offense but there are a lot of people who were substantially heavier than I was so why me?

The answer was that my body has a limited tolerance for things being out of balance. If I am 10 pounds overweight it will immediately show up in my liver as an early warning sign to take the weight off. My challenge is to learn what my body is telling me and why.

During my reading assignment before the diet they talked about potential side effects from being on this program. I had not really considered side effects from weight loss other than the obvious one that I would actually lose weight.

The text outlined several things that could result when I go on the diet. The first was a metallic taste in my mouth. At the time I had no idea what in the world they were talking about. It wasn’t like I would be sucking on loose change or something.

The metallic taste is actually a result of the sugar substitutes contained in some foods or condiments such as sugarless syrup or some of the diet foods in the program. Increasing the number of times you brush your teeth can treat this side effect. Who knew that better dental hygiene could be a diet side effect?

I’m ok with increasing the number of daily brushings as long as it doesn’t also include more flossing. As my dentist will tell you, I suck at flossing despite the value that it provides.

The side effect that I had not anticipated and the one that is the most troubling to me is the fact that I cannot seem to stay warm. My hands and feet seem to always be cold despite the warm temperatures.

I grew up living in Idaho where each winter there would be stretches where the temperatures never got above zero. I cursed the cold each winter so when we decided to relocate “warm weather” was at the top of the wish list.

At the time I remember Trina saying that we could not possibly find a place that would be too warm. I’m sure that there have been a few times when the outside temperature during the summer reached 115 degrees that she questioned her assumption.

So while the high temperatures during the day have been in the mid-70’s to low-80’s I have found myself bundled up in my Arizona Diamondbacks sweatshirt blowing on my hands trying to get warm. Maybe I should have waited to start this diet until June when it was 110 outside. No, I still think I would be cold but at least there is less of me to shiver now than before I started this diet.

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