The Worst Day Yet – Diet Day 13

Day one of the 3-day conference went very well. I began my day with pancakes then went to the meeting. They had Danishes and juice but I maintained my resolve and passed. During the day they had homemade cookies and other treats but I again refrained. Lunch was Paradise Bakery which I again passed maintaining my eating habits on the program. By the end of the day my confidence was riding high. I just might be able to do this.

My problems began after returning home. The family was having pasta which is something I love. I still held steadfast in my resolve. My bigger challenge was after being gone all day I had a long list of to-do items before going to bed. Rather than focusing on the importance of sleep I stayed up late to get caught up. Instead of getting 8 hours of sleep I was left with five.

The next morning I was tired and running late making my life more stressful. I also stepped on the scales and saw I have only lost 2 pounds this week much less than the 10 I lost last week. I know I couldn’t expect the west to fly off but I didn’t expect such a drop off.

At the second day of the conference they had bagels and fresh fruit which is the breakfast I miss the most. I again abstained but my resolve was not quite as strong as the first day. I was highly involved in the meeting discussions and my 3-hour eating program stretched to 4 hours or 5 hours.

Lunch was brought in, California Pizza Kitchen and everyone raved at how good it was. I didn’t eat any but found myself hungry and frustrated. My frustration was not because I didn’t eat pizza but that I messed up the timing of my meals. The day ended with another long night with short hours of sleep.

For the first time since I started this diet I’ve become discouraged and I don’t like that. Hopefully this is a one day feeling and I can get back on track mentally.

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