The Mad Scientist – Diet Day 11

When I signed up for this diet I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Being a diet rookie I had no clue what an eating program meant or what the logistics were around my commitment. While my health coach was very good at outlining the program I had no frame of reference to put the information into the proper context.

The first item of business was to order food that is vital to the success of my diet. I was presented a web site with pictures of exciting food that I could choose from. After careful consideration I selected what I would eat for the first month.

I’m not exactly sure what my expectation was but when the food arrived I was somewhat surprised. The food came in powder form and required preparation. It wasn’t just add some water. There was very specific preparation steps.

You had to properly measure each ingredient and then follow a specified sequence of steps that told when to stir, when to heat, the type of cooking vessel to use etcetera. I had no idea powdered food could be so technical.

This type of thing could be intimidating to some as the instructions seem rather precise. I mean really does it matter whether powdered chicken noodle soup is heated for 2.5 minutes followed by sitting for a minute then stirring and heating for a minute then letting stand 5 minutes before stirring again?

From the very beginning I decided to take this seriously and follow each instruction to the letter. Before long I started envisioning myself in some sort of evil laboratory filled with glass beakers, bubbling multi-colored liquids and of course safety glasses.

I have on more than one occasion considered buying a white lab coat and completing cooking each meal with an evil and maniacal laugh as I vocalize my intentions of taking over the world. No one warned me of this dangerous side effect to the diet.

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