The Art of Time Management – Diet Day 4

On of the hardest things that I have had to deal with while on this diet is one I had not even anticipated. Going into this experience I had expected to be fighting the required food and the differences from what I had been accustomed to eat. There was of course the fears of temptations as the likes of homemade beef jerky, dried apples (thanks Mom and Dad), and of course the kids talking about such delicacies as Mickey Bars and other ice cream delights.

Despite being offered I had no inclination of partaking in the food choices that had led to this in the first place. I wasn’t even bothered by the fatigue that my health coach Amy had warned me about. All of these things were rather simple to overcome during the first four days of my “journey to a healthier me” (a tag line that I’ve yet to fully embrace).

No, my biggest foe so far has been time. At the crux of this new eating paradigm is the fact that I must eat five small program-dictated meals along with one “Lean and Green” meal that includes a lean protein and vegetables. The program also recommends I get eight hours of sleep every night.

In order to fit all of these meals and the required sleep into my day I have to balance the clock as much as more than I ever have in my life. If I sleep in there is a domino effect across my day as meal times move.

I have to have breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up and then the clock starts. Two to three hours later is the next meal and so on and so forth. One misjudgment of my time and I find myself playing catch-up throughout the day.

Today was a perfect example. I slept in until 9:30 AM meaning breakfast was at 10 AM rather than the normal 7:30 AM. This pushed back mid-morning food breaks, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner, and nighttime snack.

The program is adamant about eating every 2-3 hours and that I must get in all six meals to be successful. Tonight I found myself pacing the floor looking at the clock waiting for a time when I could finally have that last snack then rush to bed to try and get back onto schedule.

Throughout my life I have been rather spontaneous and free-spirited never letting time dictate my life. Suddenly I am being forced into a stringent routine with little room for deviation. This is definitely going to be something I will need to adjust to if I hope to be successful.

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