Taking the First Step

Now that I’ve decided to lose weight, well more accurately now that my wife and my liver have decided I needed to lose weight the question becomes how? Trina was of course all over this. It’s amazing how helpful people can be suggesting how someone else can lose weight.

A quick tour of the bookstore showed that the number of titles around weight loss were taller and weighed more than I did. This was obviously not going to be as simple as getting a book, eating some celery, and exercising more than walking from the couch to the refrigerator.

After a little bit of reading I was even more confused than when I started. It’s not quite as simple as eating one thing versus eating two of those things. And the information seems to contradict itself. One diet tells you to eat zero carbohydrates while another says keep carbs to below a certain percentage. Yet another one says proteins are the answer while still another says becoming a vegan will erase the extra weight. I have to admit I had no idea what my religion had to do with it but Trina quickly corrected me that vegan meant no meat not what God you prayed to. That was a relief, I think.

While Trina was doing her research which I will admit seemed a lot more scientific than what I was doing. I had narrowed it down to finding a book that weighed less than I did and had to have at least one picture of a guy that didn’t look like Jabba the Hut in his before picture. The other theory I had was that if I hacked off a leg I would immediately lose 20 pounds without changing any other life choices. Somehow I didn’t think that was what the doctor had in mind though.

Somewhere in the midst of this research I got an email from Trina’s niece in Indiana. She had gone on a program and lost over 50 pounds and looked great. Trina and I talked and wondered if this program would work for me too.

I asked a few questions and Trina asked a lot more and it had a web site. Yeah I know, if it’s on the Internet it has to be true. At first I was reluctant. Couldn’t we just make a couple of changes and be done?

Trina began recounting all the things that needed to happen based on her research. After about fifteen minutes that sounded a lot like the teacher in a Charlie Brown cartoon my head and fatty liver glossed over and I stopped listening.

The next thing I knew I was going through web pages and looking at typical menus. I think I can safely say that to someone who has never been on a diet none of these menus were typical. Nowhere did I find Lucky Charms cereal, steak and onion rings, or a milk shake.

Trina of course countered everyone one of these arguments and even showed me where this diet allowed shakes it just so happened that the shakes were made with powder, ice, and a piece of Tupperware with a steel whisk shaped like a ball.

Trina went on to say how easy this would be. There were 5 meals a day and those were taken care of by “the program” with one “Lean and Green” meal at night. Seriously, if they wanted me to jump on it they should have called it the “Sedona Red Special” meal and I would have been all over it.

Still, this seemed better than carrying around a deck of cards with pictures of food, go through hypnosis, or go to weigh-in meetings with other people who wished they didn’t have to be there. After a couple of phone calls and more information we decided to give it a shot.

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