Taking Tests

While I am waiting for my food order. it’s time to focus my attention on my homework. I have the before picture out of the way so I don’t have to worry about that. The articles that my health coach Amy sent me were interesting but without a lot of context its hard to see how everything fits together. I suppose once the program starts I’ll understand it better so for now I just need to be content and trust this is going to work.

The last item on my pre-diet homework was to take a beginning health quiz to determine my Current Health Score. This will provide a baseline of my health from which to build on. I get why this is important since you cannot measure progress if you don’t know where you started from.

The quiz was online and was divided into eight sections covering: What you eat, How much exercise or activity you get, Stress and work, Smoking habits, Weight and body mass, medical tests such as cholesterol, Medications and pre-existing conditions, and finally Family medical history.

All of the questions are multiple choice and the quiz went fairly quickly. They summarize all of your answers to the first sets of questions then multiply that by a factor as a result of your family medical history. The upper end of the score is over 100 while the lower end I thought was zero.

I say I thought zero because in actuality I somehow managed to get a negative score on my health quiz. If over 100 means I am Ultra-healthy, my score of -25.76 should classify me as clinically dead. The makers of the test did find some leniency and described my condition as “Sick”

That definition describes how I likely have significant medical conditions that are affecting my health and I have made a series of unhealthy choices that will impact the longevity and quality of life. Great, like I didn’t feel bad enough now I have some computer quiz telling me that the new next door neighbor in our neighborhood is the Grim Reaper and he may be coming over later for a donut, a can of beer, and to watch the Andy Griffith marathon on television.

Not exactly the picture of health which I probably should have expected given my before picture in the diet. So it looks like not only will I be changing my eating habits but I have a few other things I need to do to get my life back in order. Oh and I am going to see if Richard Simmons will adopt me since my slacker parents and ancestors aren’t doing my health any favors either.

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