Subtle Clothes Differences – Diet Day 8

I definitely had not expected to see myself lose ten pounds in the first week so I was still in shock from getting on the scale yesterday. I have to admit; I really thought someone was playing a cruel trick on me resetting the scale just so I would think I was actually losing weight when in reality there was no change.

No one in my family would be that cruel; ok maybe my son Dakota would do that but that’s just because he has the same sort of warped sense of humor that I do and only he and I would think that was funny. So you have to excuse me if I sounded a little bit paranoid when I began quizzing my wife and kids as to whether they had somehow mechanically altered the scale.

But even without stepping on the scale I have begun noticing some changes. My jeans used to be fairly tight especially after being washed and I had to suck in my stomach to get them buttoned the first time. Now though they were definitely looser. And not just in the waist. My thighs have definitely gotten smaller and my pant legs look more like relaxed fit than normal fit. That doesn’t mean I am going to suddenly start sporting the Justin Bieber tight pant look but I also hopefully won’t look like Homer Simpson in slacks either.

Perhaps the biggest shock was when I took my suit out of the closet to go to a formal event. I bought the suit for my daughter Mallorie’s wedding a couple of years ago. At the time it fit comfortably. It wasn’t too loose or too tight. In the immortal words of Goldilocks, it was just right.

Tonight though I put on the trousers and they literally fell off. I had to find two belts as the first one was too big around. With the pants now staying in place I put the jacket on and it now fit like a double-breasted suit. I had not anticipated this happening and especially not in the first week of this diet.

I thought perhaps at the end I may have to invest in a new pair of jeans. I have to admit, I was pretty excited at this turn of events. Maybe this diet thing will really work. It’s just been a week though, I still have a long ways to go.

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